Breaking through the conventional performance, Huawei matebook1314 2020 Ruilong version will be sold for 4599 yuan

In the light and thin category, low-voltage processor is widely used, which is almost a conventional industry practice. Although the industry has always had the desire to greatly improve the performance of thin and light version, the performance improvement of most of the new lightweight products is limited to the upgrading of low-voltage processors in the upstream of the industrial chain, and it is difficult to see a greater breakthrough. Today, we saw Huawei matebook13 / 14 2020 Ruilong version equipped with the new amd Ruilong 4000H standard pressure processor, witnessing that the “industry practice” has been broken again, and the performance of the lightweight version has reached a new height, bringing higher energy productivity. < p > < p > in addition to the performance, the leading 2K touch screen of the same price, the user recognized “Huawei share” function, the lightweight portable metal body with high appearance value, and the newly upgraded shark fin heat dissipation system, etc., make Huawei matebook13 / 14 2020 Ruilong version more comprehensive and all-round. < p > < p > Huawei matebook13 / 14 2020 Ruilong version keeps a light and thin body, but it has the same size and price performance, which is very “able to play”. With the brand-new amd Ruilong 4000H standard pressure processor, with a 7Nm process, and with AMD radon graphics graphics graphics card, the graphics processing capacity has greatly improved. The new 7Nm sharp dragon standard pressure processor makes the performance of the matebook 13 / 14 2020 Reebok continue to release. It can help users easily challenge multiple tasks, and calmly handle heavy office work such as video editing and image refinement. < / P > < p > at the same time, it is equipped with 16g dual channel high-speed memory, 512gb PCIe high-speed solid-state hard disk, and within the body thickness of only 16mm, supplemented by comprehensive optimization of heat dissipation performance, it breaks through the existing performance boundary of light and thin books, and can be used smoothly in some severe office scenes. < p > < p > < p > the lightweight standard pressure processor brings higher performance, and also poses a great challenge to the cooling system. In order to release the performance of standard pressure processor, Huawei matebook 13 / 14 The 2020 Ruilong version has made a new stack design for the heat dissipation structure, and has also made a new upgrade for the shark fin fan. It is equipped with a new double fan and double heat pipe, and uses thinner and higher density S-shaped blades. The thin blade increases the fluid space and improves the inflow conditions. The double heat pipe adopts the wing layout design, which achieves shorter heat dissipation path and higher heat dissipation efficiency than the previous generation products. On the premise of ensuring the performance of both light and thin, the air volume of matebook 13 2020 sharp dragon increased by 33%, and that of matebook 14 2020 sharp dragon increased by 39%, which helped the processor to release performance more stably. < / P > < p > in addition, without sacrificing performance, Huawei has transplanted the miniaturization technology of mobile phone motherboard to Huawei matebook 13 / 14 2020 sharp dragon edition, and has made miniaturization and customization from motherboard to components, so that the effective area of motherboard is reduced by 20% and 15% respectively compared with the previous generation of matebook 13 / 14 [1], thus giving the whole machine more heat dissipation space. < p > < p > Huawei matebook 13 / 14 2020 sharp dragon version achieves effective noise control while upgrading shark fin fan. The ratio of fan abnormal noise is strictly controlled within 5dB. Even when the fan is running at high speed, users will only hear the wind instead of sharp noise. The sound of the fan used in office is only 25dB, which is equivalent to the soft voice, so that you can enjoy the quiet and concentrate on your work. < p > < p > Huawei matebook13 / 14 2020 Ruilong version inherits the family’s classic 2K touch screen full screen, creating “four side micro frame” and up to 90% of the screen proportion. The smaller fuselage has a broader vision. 2K HD resolution, 100% sRGB gamut, contrast up to 1500:1, the picture is lifelike, as real as it is. < / P > < p > the landmark productivity screen of 3:2 ratio can more effectively use the display area of the screen and make the office more efficient. Smooth touch, high precision ten touch, anti fingerprint, interaction closer to instinct. With Huawei’s self-developed three finger down screen capture technology, it can realize fast gesture screen capture, and automatically recognize the text in the picture and convert it into text, which is efficient and intimate. < p > < p > Huawei matebook13 / 14 2020 sharp dragon version of the screen has passed the German Rhine low blue light eye protection certification, which can automatically adjust the white balance and tone of the screen, reduce some harmful blue light, make the eyes comfortable and sensitive, alleviate visual fatigue, and better care for the eyes. < p > < p > the combination of Huawei matebook13 / 14 2020 sharp dragon and Huawei smart phones using emui 10.1 system can realize Huawei’s most powerful “multi screen collaboration” function so far, and integrate the mobile phone and matebook into a “super terminal”, bringing users the intelligent experience of “putting the mobile phone into the computer and operating two systems on one screen”. Users only need to focus on one screen. With the professional ability of matebook, they can not only handle professional office tasks on PC, but also operate mobile app to make work more focused and efficient. < / P > < p > in addition to the functions of file, picture and video intelligent mutual transmission and text sharing, “multi screen collaboration” enables users to directly open and edit the files in the mobile phone on matebook, and the saved files are still in the original location of the mobile phone; it can also call the computer camera, microphone, audio and other hardware to receive and make mobile phone or video calls. < p > < p > Huawei PC also puts forward the concept of “the third generation mobile office” in the notebook industry for the industry, emphasizing that the notebook in the new mobile office era should bring a new experience of ecological integration. Huawei matebook 13 / 14 2020 is the performance benchmark of the third generation mobile office. It not only takes into account the performance and thinness, but also supports the “Huawei cloud space” function, helping users to freely store and access information on different devices such as laptops, mobile phones, tablets, etc., so that productivity can continue anytime and anywhere. If “multi screen collaboration” reflects the near end collaboration capability of “3G mobile office”, then “Huawei cloud space” reflects the remote collaboration capability, which represents the software and hardware collaborative ecology created by Huawei to evolve again, so that users’ whole scene wisdom experience will be deeper and broader. < p > < p > Huawei matebook 13 / 14 2020 sharp dragon models are very light and portable, and the size is equivalent to the common fashion magazines. Among them, the thickest part of matebook 13 is only 14.9mm, about 1.3KG light; the thickest part of matebook 14 is only 15.9mm, light about 1.49kg. The two types of mainframe adopt simple metal style, which are integrated into one. The appearance is exquisite and capable, without any redundancy of design. High strength aluminum alloy body and more than 40 anodizing processes are used to harden aluminum alloy, which gives aluminum alloy stronger toughness, greatly improves wear resistance, dirt resistance and corrosion resistance, and has no worry for long-term use; the side is adjusted to be hard and bright lines, showing a young attitude; the chamfering adopts CNC drilling, and the precision milling cutter presents high smooth cutting angle and flexible middle with rigidity. In addition, the shell adopts bright moon silver and deep space gray color matching, and precision ceramic sandblasting, which can keep the luster and introvert, and bring comfortable touch feeling at the same time. < / P > < p > in addition to the innovation of “black technology”, reliable and durable product quality is one of the sources of good reputation for Huawei notebook users. Huawei notebook has always been very strict in terms of product quality. In some key test items, Huawei adheres to far higher standards than the industry standard. For example, in the analysis of notebook anti-aging and work stability, HUAWEI’s high temperature and high humidity testing standard is still able to work normally in the extreme environment for 960 hours, which is far more than the industry practice. MateBook13/14 is closely related to the daily use of users. In 2020, the type-C interface test of the Ruilong version will reach 10000 times, the keyboard test will reach 5 million times, and the notebook hinge opening and closing will reach 25000 times These are also higher than general industry standards. < p > < p > Huawei makes the durability test of every key component more strict, so that the reliability, stability and service life of notebook are longer. At the same time, the software smart experience of Huawei notebook is constantly iterative, which also provides users with a longer-term wisdom experience. < / P > < p > L 65W detachable dual head usb-c charger, with a weight of only 160g, can also charge Huawei’s usb-c mobile phone and tablet, with multiple functions. < / P > < p > l the fully functional interface provides one usb-c interface, two usb3.2 GEN1 interfaces, one HDMI interface, and one 3.5mm headphone port, which can meet the needs of data transmission, mouse connection, device charging and other scenarios at the same time. < / P > < p > L supports matebook shutdown and external charging function. When you are out on business, your mobile phone is temporarily out of power and there is no power bank. This function can be used for emergency charging of mobile phone. < / P > < p > on August 19, 2020, pre-sale was opened in Huawei mall, Jingdong, tmall’s official flagship stores, Suning e-buy and offline retail stores at 18:08 on August 19, 2020, and officially opened at 00:00 on August 24, 2020. < / P > < p > now go to Huawei’s official channel and find the configuration you like. If you place an order, you can take the lead in getting this lightweight performance book with both high energy and intelligence. You can also enjoy a discount of 100 yuan to 200 yuan, limited gifts of Huawei Bluetooth mouse, and six interest free benefits. Privacy Policy