British Defense Minister: a comprehensive review of defense foreign policy and response to space challenges

British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace said the British government is reviewing its foreign, security and defense policies, which will greatly enhance its ability to deal with the challenges and threats from Russia and China in the space field, British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace said.

the British side on Thursday expressed concern about a recent Russian satellite experiment, saying that the experiment was an act of “weapon nature” by Russia. Later, the US side also said that Russia seemed to be “testing in orbit anti satellite weapons”. However, the Russian Ministry of defense refutes the British and American accusations and conjectures.

Wallace wrote in the Sunday Telegraph that this week, we were reminded that Russia is testing satellites with weapon characteristics in the space originally belonging to the peaceful field, which poses a threat to British national security.

according to the guardian on the 25th, British Russian relations have been in a tense situation in recent weeks. Russia has tried to intervene in the British election several times and is trying to invade the UK’s vaccine research department through the Internet, according to an investigation report released by the British Parliament’s intelligence and Security Committee on July 21. It is understood that a highly classified internal version of the report was submitted to first British Johnson and relevant senior officials.

according to previous reports by the Russian satellite news agency, shortly after the release of the report, Russia responded. In response, Kremlin spokesman paskov pointed out that Russia has never intervened in the voting process of any country, including the United States, Britain and other countries. We will not do so, nor will we tolerate attempts by other countries to interfere in our political affairs.

at present, Britain’s foreign policy as a whole is showing a changing trend. According to the British “Daily Mail” reported on the 26th, Johnson is starting to amend the British treason law to deal with external threats from Russia and other aspects.

Author: zmhuaxia