British media: Italy is also attacking Huawei

The United States is trying to persuade more countries to turn Huawei 5g out of the door, so as to completely form Chinese science and technology enterprises represented by Huawei. As an important area of future development, the United States and some western countries do not want China to become the leader in standard setting. Huawei is just a typical representative of this. < / P > < p > in addition to the five eye alliance, many US allies in Europe have also clearly indicated that they will exclude Huawei 5g from the 5g core of their country. According to Reuters on the 24th, people familiar with the matter said that the Italian government used special review power at the cabinet meeting to prevent FastWeb from signing an agreement with Huawei, which means that the company cannot use Huawei’s core 5g equipment for equipment construction in Italy. < p > < p > FastWeb, a subsidiary of Swiss Telecom in Italy, previously selected Huawei as the supplier of 5g core network. However, with the Italian government closing the door to Huawei, FastWeb may have to consider new alternatives in the future. < p > < p > according to a senior official who told Reuters that the government asked FastWeb to diversify 5g equipment suppliers, and FastWeb’s practice of using Huawei as the sole supplier of 5g core network may put pressure on the Italian government. Sources from the prime minister’s office said Italy would assess whether Huawei could play a role in the 5g core network. In fact, it is not difficult to interpret the official statement. In September this year, U.S. Secretary of state pompeio visited Italy. As always, pompeio began to play up the threat of China, saying that China’s mobile communication technology would pose a threat to Italy’s national security. In response, Huawei said it was ready to accept any review. The pressure of Italy is that it has to take care of the mood of the United States. In fact, the country has been inclined to deal with the 5g issue. The Italian government has begun to put forward more stringent requirements on Chinese 5g suppliers, such as restricting the remote intervention repair technology for companies using Huawei equipment, and raising the safety threshold Risk will have to be taken into account when Chinese enterprises cooperate. Telecom Italia has made it clear that Huawei will be excluded from the list of core network equipment supply. When cooperating with Huawei, local telecom companies have signed a special clause, that is, when they need to pay a high price for government approval, they can choose to withdraw. For local operators, this is also helpless. Politicization has seriously affected the communication industry, which involves sensitivity. However, with the promotion of the United States, Huawei will have a hard time in the future. Iqoo5 series debut strength interpretation of “120 super full mark flagship”