Brydge PRO + touchpad makes your next computer more like a computer

I received an external keyboard from brydge some time ago, which was a product I was very curious about before. Today I’ll show you if this cheap third-party accessory can challenge Apple’s official smart keyboard. The first feeling of getting this product is really great. It is very good to get the product from packaging to product texture, and to control it. It can definitely make you feel that your money is not spent, and it also conforms to the positioning of high-end Apple accessories. It is very good to feel that it is not lost to the official in terms of quality. The backplane and keyboard body of this product are separated. The backplane is attached to the iPad by magnet. This is very good and is relatively reliable. However, I personally don’t like the connection between the keyboard body and iPad pro. This connection is simple, clip up, live clip up. Although the two clips are protected and will not hurt your iPad, this connection is certainly not official elegant and convenient, whether it is installed or removed. The pairing mode is Bluetooth commonly used by third-party accessories. After completion, it is necessary to enter the auxiliary settings for adjustment. This set is completed. This iPad Pro is really a bit of a bit of a productivity tool. The keyboard of [/p > < p > brydge has a better handle than apple official, with longer key range and more comfortable typing for a long time. More importantly, the product has a row of shortcuts, which can easily adjust brightness, media volume and switch songs. After Apple officially connected this, you need to reach for the top volume button to adjust the volume. Brydge is just right on the keyboard. It is convenient. As you can see, brydge has added touch this time, but it doesn’t really work officially. It will feel a little bit astringent, not as smooth as apple officially feels. The most important is that when the double finger sliding interface is switched, it is difficult to control. It is a pity that this is still a pity, because touch version control is an important update on iPad OS at present. I don’t know if Apple has restricted the third-party accessories or why. In short, brydge’s current touch version experience can only say that it has this function, but it is really not very useful. In fact, brydge is a brand I have been paying attention to for a long time. I have bought the accessories they have introduced before. In terms of quality and input experience, this product is worthy of its price. It’s a device that’s high-end, durable enough and can be easily entered, and has more shortcuts than apple officials. But it does not have a touch version experience that is a bit rough to connect to Apple’s official counterparts. As for whether you can accept its shortcomings, it depends on your own needs. Continue ReadingYueshang group has become the third social e-commerce service platform listed in China after being gathered in pinduoduo

Author: zmhuaxia