Budget 6K Jingdong, these models are worth starting with, and there are many periods of interest free

As a media editor of digital technology, I always meet many friends and classmates around me asking me to recommend mobile phone products. In recent days, I have received demands from three old students. Interestingly, the specific needs of these three people are different, but the purchase budget is set within 6000 yuan. But it’s not hard for me. Let’s move on. < / P > < p > first of all, my primary school classmate. The first condition for him to buy a machine is that it must have strong performance, and it must be the most flagship hardware configuration at this stage. At the same time, he is very personalized and does not want to use the “Arcade” of the popular brand, that is to say, he hopes to have a mobile phone that can show his personality and not follow the trend. Finally, I recommended one plus eight Pro for him. < / P > < p > one plus 8 Pro integrates many flagship configurations such as snapdragon 865 mobile platform, ufs3.0 flash memory, lpddr5 memory and 120Hz refresh rate screen. At the same time, it adopts the fifth generation Ag frosted glass body, and the three fashionable color matching styles of qingkong, black mirror and Blues have their own characteristics. < / P > < p > then this is my high school classmate. Since he was a student, he has been a photography enthusiast. Nowadays, due to his busy work, he seldom takes a thick SLR with him to take photos everywhere. Therefore, he hopes to buy a model with a performance of less than 6000 yuan and a relatively good performance. < / P > < p > at the same time, as he often goes out to run business, he hopes that this mobile phone can support fast charging technology, so that he doesn’t have to wait too long for “blood returning”. Finally, I recommended Huawei P40 Pro for him. < p > < p > Huawei P40 Pro is equipped with a new generation of super sensing Leica four camera system. The main camera is equipped with Sony imx700 super bottom sensor. It has the industry-leading 1 / 1.28 inch photosensitive area, so it greatly improves the imaging quality in dark light environment. At the same time, Huawei P40 Pro also supports up to 50 times digital zoom, so that the long-term and close-up view is no longer a luxury. < / P > < p > the last one is my roommate in University. When I was playing in school, I found that although we were both men of science and technology, he always had a literary temperament. He didn’t like playing ball, but he liked to bubble in the library and coffee shop. Most of the books and movies he read were literature and art films with a small number of people. It can be said that he likes writers very much. < / P > < p > that’s not true. Even his purchase requirements are so different. He told me that he wants a model that can make people’s eyes shine in color and material. At the same time, it would be better if the UI of the system could also be fresh, concise and full of artistic flavor. Finally, I chose the most suitable 17 Pro for him. < p > < p > Meizu 17 Pro is not only a 5g performance flagship, but also adopts a more textured calcined ceramic body. At the same time, the fuselage also adopts a 50:50 full balance design, which will not have the feeling of “top heavy and heavy feet” and has a better holding experience. In terms of color matching, Meizu 17 Pro has four unique colors, namely, Wujin, dingbai, Tianqing and Yuebai Tianqing. Older posts →