Build any application on Android platform

Follow us, and we explore different Android themes every week, introducing new content in different areas such as the interface, Android jetpack, and machine learning.

a series of global online community meetings to discuss the new features of Android 11 and the basic knowledge and best practices of modern Android development.

learn about the new features in Android 11 and the latest developments in developer tools, frameworks, and distribution.

whether you’re an experienced developer or you’re building your first android app, these resources can help you get started.

Android Studio provides tools for developing applications at the fastest speed for all kinds of Android devices

find training courses. These courses describe how to use code examples that can be reused in your application to complete specific tasks

Android applications are designed according to the material design guide. These guides provide everything you need to know about designing applications, from user experience processes to visual design, actions, fonts, etc.

Author: zmhuaxia