Butterfly house from nature

The residence is located in the seaside suburb of vallyagamemny, Athens, Greece. It is designed by 314 architecture studio. The new scheme adopts a unique butterfly shape. A series of organic curves form a unique residential complex, which is composed of four different independent units, each including basement and top floor. < / P > < p > the design of 314 architecture studio is inspired by the shape of butterfly, whose wings extend outward from the residential area to the garden area. These wings provide shade for the bottom floor, and form an open terrace on the top floor, where residents can enjoy the vast sea view. In addition, the bending of the butterfly airfoil can protect privacy. < / P > < p > in the butterfly, transparent walls are used as elements to separate the inside and outside of the building. Instead of solid walls, U-shaped glass is widely used in buildings. It can not only maximize the penetration of natural light into the room. At the same time, this type of glass can reflect light and shadow, blur the activities of the residents, increase the privacy of the house and enhance the overall atmosphere. < / P > < p > the use of contrast materials enhances the interaction between residents and structure. In particular, the glossiness of the U-shaped glass complements the matte effect of the white cement chosen for the walls, floors and ceilings. In addition, the rocks placed around the property add a clay element to the building, and the larger rocks hide structural elements and storage glass panels, leaving only aesthetically necessary things. < / P > < p > the surrounding landscape and architectural form complement each other. The artificial lake reflects the organic shape of butterflies, glass surface and vegetation, while creating a sense of isolation and tranquility. The floating path passes through lakes and plants and connects to a balcony, providing an alternative route in this way, closer to nature. < / P > < p > Assistant Architects: Jota Zara, Anthony saris, Katrina palanque, Eleni zigojiani, Anna stataki, Dimitris panagiotto, andriana tranta, philolop Rou, erini bLIU, dimitra steljiu, Alexandra Papadopoulos, ILO demitsky, eley I < A= https://twhosting.com/straight-screen-s20-samsung-galaxy-s20-fe-exposure-1hz-high-brush-snapdragon-865/ target=_ blank>Continue ReadingStraight screen S20! Samsung Galaxy S20 Fe exposure: 1Hz high brush + snapdragon 865