Buy a mobile phone and choose a good single shot or a normal three shot lens? The results were startled

I don’t know when to start, the number of mobile phone shots has become one of the factors affecting consumers’ choice. On the back of the flagship phone, there are three lenses at least and five lenses at most. Even the camera is not new. Those who insist on single or dual camera will inevitably become the object of suspicion, especially those who are not familiar with electronic products. < / P > < p > this is the same as blindly pursuing high pixels and ignoring the quality of sensors. Blindly pursuing the number of lenses and ignoring their actual performance often become the leeks of manufacturers and pay IQ tax obediently. < / P > < p > multi lens is a concept that manufacturers like to play in a thousand yuan machine. We have to admit that it has more advantages in marketing. Its name is “full scene AI four shots”. It seems that if one lens is added, the mobile phone will be upgraded to a higher level, and the photography will also be higher. < / P > < p > for example, for the lens parameters of a nova, the only one that can actually play is the 24 million main camera. Any macro range and depth of field are just deceptive to laymen. Those less than 5 million pixels can be processed as a rounding lens, even if 8 million are suspected to be a contributory number. < / P > < p > different from the leek cutting behavior, a typical flagship rear three shot should be good enough for each shot, not just for the sake of three shots. The front example is the iPhone 11 pro, which uses three 12 megapixel postposition modules, which respectively undertake the functions of main camera, long focus and ultra wide angle, forming a three camera system with smooth zoom, wide viewing range and high image quality. < / P > < p > oppo find x2 pro on Android is also a similar choice. Sony’s imx689 sensor with 48 million pixels is used for the main camera, and the 48 million pixel imx586 sensor for ultra wide angle is used by many flagship cameras the previous year. Its quality is self-evident, and the 13 million pixel periscope telephoto lens is responsible for the long focus, which can realize 10 times of mixed light and 60 times of digital zoom. This set of combination was the first in parallel with the mi10 pro of the four photography combination. < / P > < p > there are also manufacturers who are not following the usual path and prefer to focus on providing the overall quality of photos rather than increasing the number of cameras. Google is a good example. Before pixel 4, there was only one rear camera. It’s not only the old DX 2 player, but also the old DX arxel! Single shot beat Samsung note8, iPhone x, iPhone 8 plus and other rivals. < / P > < p > the newly released pixel 4a is also a single lens. Judging from the photographing evaluation of many foreign countries, many people will prefer the pictures taken by pixel 4A rather than the Samsung Galaxy S20 camera, even if the S20 camera has more functions on the whole. In fact, the latest iPhone se is also of this type. For a 12 million main camera, the daytime imaging is almost the same as that of the iPhone 11 series, and the depth of field control and portrait shooting are excellent. Do you like the more powerful “three shots” of “Android” or “authority” which is more powerful than the ordinary one? At present, there is a trend that more than 2370% of the participants vote for one shot. < / P > < p > Google only needs to polish an imx363 sensor more than two years ago, and it can compete with photos only by taking photos. Now, the latest flagship does not fall behind, which shows that a good experience does not have to be piled up with parameters. However, it is necessary to face up to the fact that no matter how strong the single shot is, it will also be hard under the increasingly rich demand for shooting, and the three shooting is the trend. As for those merchants, please save the money and concentrate on the main photography! Privacy Policy