Buy as soon as possible! The release of Apple iPhone 12 may shut down the production of iPhone 11 pro and XR

With the upcoming iPhone 12 series, Apple may just be killing its flagship and budget products in 2019. The launch will obviously bring the cost of the iPhone 11 down to $549, while the iPhone 11 pro and iPhone XR will be discontinued. < / P > < p > the basic iPhone 11 model will survive the shutdown, but its price will be cut by another $150, according to the new leak from iappletimes. It makes sense to cut back on the previous generation of flagship products, as lowering the price of high-end models could erode the customer base of the upcoming iPhone 12 series. In addition, the latest lineup is said to include four different sizes, so lowering the price of the iPhone 11 may position it as a mid tier customer facing product. < / P > < p > given that the device was launched in 2018, the discontinued iPhone XR is still more reasonable. Since then, it has been one of the most popular models of the generation, although the name is different, newer products may offer upgrades. Unfortunately, it is still not possible to determine the leak. < / P > < p > the performance of iphonexr meets the expectations of users. First of all, the iPhone XR is equipped with A12 bionic processor based on 7 nm process technology and 3G running memory. Such SOC is enough to crush most of the competitive products in the market. Of course, the support of wireless charging function of iPhone XR is also an advantage. However, excluding 3D touch and only 12 million postposition single camera and 5v1a charging package will greatly weaken its competitiveness. The iPhone 11 Pro has an A13 processor and 4GB of running memory. For now, although it’s the fastest hardware configuration in the iPhone camp, after it’s actually used, iPhone 11 and iPhone There are three biggest differences between XR: camera, color matching and price. Other differences can be said to be very small. For users, they can hardly feel the difference in system fluency between the two generations of mobile phones, even the endurance and background retention ability, as well as the same handle and the same fuselage workmanship. So the great thing about the iPhone 11 is its signal and network experience. Continue ReadingXiaomi new machine real machine exposure center dig hole screen design or high color thousand yuan machine