Buy broken screen insurance service but refuse to pay, consumers denounce Meizu dishonesty

Nowadays, mobile phone has become the standard of people’s daily life. When consumers buy mobile phones, they will worry about all kinds of problems, and the screen is one of them. Many mobile phone manufacturers aim at business opportunities and offer “broken screen insurance” services while selling mobile phones, some of which cost hundreds of yuan. Originally thought that this can buy a peace of mind, “broken screen is no longer heartbroken”, but when the manufacturer refused to pay, consumers “upset”. < / P > < p > Mr. Cui, a consumer, has had such troubles recently. He complained to China quality news that in April 2020, he bought a Meizu mobile phone in tmall Meizu’s official flagship store. To be on the safe side, after receiving the mobile phone, Mr. Cui bought the original screen breakage insurance service in Meizu’s service. < / P > < p > at noon on October 28, Mr. Cui accidentally dropped his mobile phone in the office, causing the screen to break. He then went through the official Meizu screen breaking insurance protection process, and the other Party promised to send it back in 15 working days. What he didn’t expect was that not only did he not see the maintenance status of the mobile phone updated in 15 working days, but when he called the after-sales customer service, the customer service refused to repair the mobile phone on the ground that it was infused with liquid, and the user had to pay 840 yuan for the screen maintenance. Mr. Cui was shocked when he heard the news. “My mobile phone hasn’t been flooded and hasn’t been used in humid environment for a long time. It belongs to normal use in the office.” Mr. Cui said that the office has monitoring, we can see that the mobile phone is still in normal use before it is broken, and there is no possibility of liquid entering before and after it is broken. “If Meizu says that my mobile phone has been in water, how can I use it all the time?” < / P > < p > Mr. Cui said that at that time, there was no “mobile phone liquid” in the repair report submitted to Meizu, but after the test, Meizu added these words, which he did not approve of. Later, he communicated with Meizu customer service many times, but there was no result. In desperation, he called the local 12315 hotline to complain about the incident. Shortly after the complaint, Meizu contacted Mr. Cui again. According to Mr. Cui, Meizu said it can give Mr. Cui 200 yuan of “Meizu care”, but in addition, it needs to pay 640 yuan. Mr. Cui immediately vetoed the proposal, “I’m not wrong, and I don’t need your care. I bought the broken screen insurance and paid according to the normal process, so I can accept it. Meizu does not have integrity. ” < / P > < p > after many unsuccessful communications, Mr. Cui searched the Internet and found that he was not the only one in the similar situation. Many people complained on the Internet that Meizu would refuse the protection of broken screen insurance for various reasons. < / P > < p > China Quality News Network called Meizu customer service hotline to inquire about this matter. Customer service said that such complaints have indeed been accepted and are still in the process of communication and settlement, and asked whether our network can provide media qualification certificate, which will be conveyed to other departments after confirmation. However, when this website sent the relevant qualifications in the past, as of press, Meizu did not respond. < / P > < p > China Quality News Network found that many netizens complained about Meizu, and a considerable part of them were also related to screen breakage insurance. For example, in the case of black cat complaints, there are as many as 1661 complaints about Meizu, involving all kinds of problems. < / P > < p > some netizens complained that Meizu did not have after-sales service, “Meizu 16S offline entity closed, the official website let me send to repair, know my mobile phone model in advance, after sending, the after-sales phone told me that the screen was out of stock and could not be repaired, or replaced, or returned, also let me bear the round-trip freight. If you can’t tell the arrival time of the screen, you can’t repair it all the time and force the customer to replace it. ” < / P > < p > some netizens said that the screen of Meizu 17pro is green. “In the low brightness of each app, we can see that the screen is obviously green and red.” Ask for “compensation, explanation, return, repair.” Some people said that they didn’t exchange their mobile phones when they had problems. < / P > < p > recently, many people have complained about Meizu’s “broken screen insurance”. One consumer said that three days after the purchase of the Meizu 16t mobile phone, he bought the original factory broken screen insurance in the Meizu service app. After sending it back to the factory for maintenance, he was told that the mobile phone had liquid in and could not enjoy the broken screen insurance service, and offered paid maintenance. After inquiring about the “Meizu original factory broken screen protection service user agreement”, it is found that the unreasonable terms, the fourth point in the third responsibility exemption of the agreement: the mobile phone waterproof label turns red, and the mobile phone parts are not allowed to enjoy the broken screen insurance service in case of liquid in. The reason given by the customer service is that the waterproof label turns red, there is liquid in it or the use environment is humid, so the broken screen saver cannot be used. This article is very unreasonable and seriously infringes upon the legitimate rights and interests of consumers. < / P > < p > there are also complaints from consumers that after purchasing a Meizu 16x mobile phone, they bought Meizu broken screen insurance on the official website of Meizu. When the mobile phone fell, the display of the mobile phone was abnormal, the screen was colored, and then the screen was black. Then they applied for maintenance and screen change on the official website. After sending it, they contacted Meizu customer service to inquire about the progress of mobile phone maintenance. They were told that the mobile phone was infused with liquid and asked consumers to pay for maintenance at their own expense. Meizu’s maintenance report showed that the LCD screen was broken and the mobile phone was infused with liquid. The complainants do not agree with this. He said that everything was normal before the mobile phone was sent out. Meizu was asked to provide evidence to prove that the mobile phone did enter the liquid and was done by himself. If not, please Meizu fulfill the maintenance responsibility of broken screen insurance. < / P > < p > “I bought Meizu 17pro in May 2020, and I also bought screen breakage insurance at the same time. Recently, the external screen of my mobile phone broke and was sent to the official after-sales department for maintenance. The official after-sales department said that my mobile phone was flooded and could not be guaranteed. But I have been using it normally in the process of using it, and I have never been in water. I’m skeptical about the test results. First of all, they can’t prove whether the test paper turned red before I sent it for repair or because of their side. I can’t believe their one-sided statement. In addition, there is no necessary connection between the broken screen of mobile phone and the water intrusion of mobile phone, and other insurance companies do not stipulate that the premise for the use of broken screen insurance is that the mobile phone cannot enter the water. Meizu’s regulation is purely a hegemonic treaty, and I hope to get a convincing reason. ” This is another consumer complaint about Meizu’s refusal to provide after-sales service with water seepage. < / P > < p > for the content of Mr. Cui’s complaint to our website and the related complaints he saw on the Internet, China Quality News website consulted a mobile phone professional. The source said that with the improvement of people’s living standards, mobile phone “broken screen insurance” service has also been increasingly valued by consumers. At the beginning, its essence is for the convenience of consumers and the protection of their rights and interests. However, there are some deviations in the actual purchase and claims, and the resulting consumer disputes are rising. “Relevant manufacturers should improve their services in a timely manner and take effective measures from the perspective of protecting consumers’ rights and interests as soon as possible. If such complaints always appear in a certain manufacturer, the manufacturer should think it over. If it goes on like this, it’s like lifting a stone and hitting your own feet and your own signboard. ” < / P > < p > a lawyer, who did not want to be named, told China quality news that consumers should consider their actual needs when choosing to buy “broken screen insurance”. Before purchasing, they should make clear the service scope of “broken screen insurance”, such as exemption clauses and other important clauses. For those unclear clauses, it is suggested that consumers should consult with businesses before deciding whether to buy them 。 At the same time, businesses also have the obligation to provide consumers with specific contract terms, which can not infringe on consumers’ right to know. Privacy Policy