By 2020, more than half of the functions of home projectors that are easy to use have been checked

[pconline experience] in recent years, with the continuous development of projection technology, more and more projectors begin to be favored by home users. As an important segment of the projector market, home projector has been occupying a pivotal position in the projector market. More and more family users have reserved a place for the projector even before decoration. It is true that if you buy a home projector, you can enjoy the immersive feeling of large screen without leaving home. < / P > < p > what factors will you consider when choosing a projector? Projector brightness, color, resolution, heat dissipation, interface, or projection technology, indeed, these are important parameters to measure a projector. But let’s not talk about the function of the projector. The function of projector directly determines the user’s experience, especially for home projector, the function of projector is very important. In order to improve the overall use experience of home users, the major manufacturers have made great efforts in this respect. < / P > < p > when it comes to using the function of explosion, we have to mention the auto focus and auto trapezoidal correction function of the projector. To know, this is a necessary function for family small white users. In fact, although many home projectors support autofocus, the actual effect is not satisfactory. As we all know, generally speaking, when the distance between the projector and the screen changes, the screen will be blurred. Manual adjustment is not only cumbersome but also tedious. I think for home users, this function should be regarded as popular. Now all families like to keep pets. In the process of using, naughty pets will touch the projector and move, causing them to re focus. With auto focus, these problems can be solved easily. < / P > < p > nowadays, many home projectors support autofocus and automatic trapezoidal correction. Taking the polar projector as an example, after a series of iterative upgrades of manual focusing, electronic focusing, automatic focusing and full picture auto focusing + real-time definition compensation, it can be said that it is a breakthrough again, realizing the non inductive focusing and carrying it on the Jimi H3 for the first time. In fact, the ultimate effect of focusing is not to let consumers know that there is a focusing process. However, the insensible focusing achieves the goal of fast completion, no interference from the focusing image, and always keeps clear. No matter in terms of focusing speed or focusing effect, users can hardly perceive the existence of focusing process, and their opening or moving projection is always a clear picture. It can be said that easy to use automatic focusing plus automatic trapezoidal correction, greatly enhance the user’s experience. < / P > < p > for home users, it always takes a long time to start the projector. The long waiting time is one aspect, and there are a lot of advertisements, which greatly affect the user’s feeling. Compared with the previous generation UI, gmui 3.6 of Jimi has been optimized for several times. The startup time can be reduced by 300%, the entry time of audio mode can be reduced by 260%, and the waiting time of page switching can be reduced by 50%. It is equipped with a new Jimi AI, which can achieve more intelligent interaction through voice. The content is also more abundant, including more than 300 knowledge courses, more than 20000 hours of 4K content, more than 600000 K songs and education content covering K12 age groups. More importantly, the Jimi product upgraded to gmui 3.6 will cancel all boot ads. Without the start-up advertisement, the user’s use experience will be greatly improved. After the actual experience, boot can be completed in a few seconds. Today, many home projectors support HDR. HDR is a high dynamic range image, which can provide more dynamic range and image details than ordinary images. Generally speaking, the image quality improvement brought by HDR technology is intuitive and perceptible, and even ordinary viewers can identify it with naked eyes. Therefore, in 2016, many manufacturers carried HDR technology on TV products. < / P > < p > and for home projector, DHR can be said to improve the texture of the picture significantly. It is not difficult for us to see from the sample photos that the pictures are colorful, highly saturated and have a strong sense of hierarchy, which can restore the original colors of the samples to the greatest extent. < / P > < p > finally, let’s take a look at the fluency of the picture. Generally speaking, in our traditional cognition, the general use scene of the traditional projector is mainly in the office area or classroom, so the traditional projector is not so concerned about the dynamic display, which directly leads to the frame dropping of the traditional projector when playing dynamic video for various reasons Of course, many entry-level projectors will also have such a situation when watching action movies, which seriously affects the viewing experience of users. In fact, the principle of < / P > < p > is very simple. Take the high-definition action movies that we often watch at ordinary times, the traditional projectors usually have the phenomenon that the pictures are not smooth and trailing. In fact, in principle, the videos we usually see are formed by playing static pictures in turn. The more static pictures are, the more fluent the pictures we see. However, due to the influence of technology, cost and format and other factors, the frame rate of network video we watch today is not very high, generally speaking, it is 24 frames. When the picture moves at a high speed, due to the limited frame number of the picture, many details can not be displayed in the process of motion. Although the projector will process the image into 60 frames of video when outputting the picture, more pictures are actually repeated frames. When we watch the action video, because the information of the same picture lasts for a long time, the human eye will feel the object movement is not smooth after watching. The projector equipped with MEMC motion compensation technology can solve this pain point and make the user’s picture more smooth when viewing the film. When it comes to projector parameters, brightness, color, resolution, heat dissipation, interface and projection technology are indeed important parameters to measure the projector. But for home users, easy-to-use features are also essential. Automatic focusing, automatic trapezoidal correction, motion compensation, no advertising and HDR functions, these are absolutely easy to use and not chicken ribs. When choosing a projector, we should not only consider the parameters of the projector, but also consider these easy-to-use functions. Huawei mate40 concept machine exposed, Kirin 1020 + curved surface full-scale screen, beauty hanging on iPhone 12