Byte ambition: more than 10000 students enrolled in the school all year round! What does massive recruitment mean?

this year, the recruitment of schools in Kwai Tong has gradually opened, and more than 3000 people have been recruited quickly. Tencent has provided more than 6000 jobs over 5000 bytes. What is the problem of the continuous large-scale recruitment of major Internet Co? The

Kwai is about 3000 people. The number of Tencent recruited is up to 5000. The byte beating is more than 6000 jobs for graduates. What is the problem behind the large-scale recruitment? It is reported that the number of college graduates in 2020 is expected to be 8.74 million, about 400000 more than last year. Tencent launched the largest school recruitment, upgrading from 4000 to 5000, an increase of 1000 compared with last year, of which technical posts accounted for 65%. < p > < p > and byte skipping, the total number of school enrollment in the whole year was more than 12000. This post covers over 10 bytes of products and businesses, including flagship products such as today’s headlines, jitter, watermelon video, and other applications, including tiktok, happiness, tomato novels, and other emerging businesses such as the North net school, Gua long, Fei Shu and other new businesses. < / P > < p > according to the second quarter financial reports of major Internet companies, the revenue and profits of domestic Internet giants during the epidemic period exceeded the expected growth, which shows that compared with physical stores and foreign trade companies, the impact of the epidemic on Internet companies is not so great. In recent years,

has benefited from its own “big technology tiktok” mechanism, making the business expanding. In addition to the well-known headlines and jitter app, it is still doing online education, and has made a deep layout from children’s English to K12 education. These businesses need a lot of manpower. < p > < p > from the perspective of byte recruitment demand, R & D personnel Posts still account for the majority. This is a common point of all Internet companies, which requires a large number of personnel for product maintenance and development. However, one netizen held a different view, “any large IT enterprise launching large-scale school enrollment when the economic environment is bad represents one result: they have to rack their brains to lay off the senior talents. In addition, the cost of recruitment is also huge. Unless it comes to the critical survival stage, the company will not lay off employees because of its high age, which will greatly reduce the company’s future development momentum and brand image. < p > < p > talent is a rare resource that can’t be copied. No matter whether it’s on the battlefield or not, we should be prepared for unexpected needs. Whether there is a need or not, we can actually recruit people. With the rapid development of the Internet, major companies want to lead other competitors in the same field in the market. From one aspect, it can be shown that recruitment, although seemingly unrelated to business, is an important competitive factor, and even can determine the result of competition. < / P > < p > as one netizen said, “excellent talents are not leeks, but high cost and low probability species that need a lot of time to cultivate.”. < / P > < p > a doctor of economics from the National People’s Congress of China pointed out that another reason for large-scale recruitment is the promotion of brands, which can make the society aware of the benign and rapid development of enterprises. Skip to content