Can Apple glasses change the industry like the iPhone

Augmented reality and virtual reality industry has grown mature in the past few years. Apple is preparing to release its first augmented reality technology smart glasses, which are coming with Apple’s mysterious augmented reality lens. Apple glasses are likely to be a milestone. For more than ten years, Apple has been exploring virtual reality and augmented reality technology. The company has set up a secret research unit of hundreds of employees to design the next heavy-weight product. Even rumors have been that NASA and Microsoft have been involved in the development of such smart glasses. According to rumors, apple chose to name its augmented reality smart glasses Apple glasses. Although similar to Google glasses, the product will definitely have its own unique features. It is said that this pair of glasses looks very similar to ordinary glasses, and its features are the display interface controlled by hand gestures. Recently, it was reported that the glasses may be made of plastic. But in the final release, Apple may use metal. The glasses may also be equipped with a plastic bracket with a wireless charger. The first version of the product may work like the apple watch series 0 and sell as an iPhone accessory. Apple glasses will display the main key, transfer computing, network and positioning to iPhone, which will reduce the weight and size of the glasses. It is rumored that apple is developing a limited edition of jobs’ classic smart glasses, which looks like the round rimless glasses that jobs once wore, but mark gurman of Bloomberg said it was a complete rumor. Up to now, the specifications and hardware of this smart glasses have not been leaked. There are rumors that Apple glasses will be equipped with 8K display. A patent from Apple further confirmed the rumour that the new glasses do not need any prescription lenses, which will be automatically adjusted for people with poor eyesight. Apple analyst Ming Chi Kuo predicts that Apple glasses will not have any processors. He said the first generation of Apple glasses will rely heavily on the iPhone, and augmented reality glasses will basically provide only displays. It may be equipped with a lidar scanner similar to the iPad Pro 2020 version, which determines the distance by measuring how long it takes for light to reach an object and reflect. This method can effectively obtain more accurate 3D scenes, which is also useful in computing photography, especially in augmented reality, so that smart glasses do not need cameras. Apple glasses will run IOS based operating systems, which they may call glass OS to maintain the similarity between the two operating systems, Bloomberg reported. Apple glasses will bring the information in your phone to your eyes. By integrating with apple, the glasses will be able to synchronize with the wearer’s iPhone, displaying text, email and maps in the user’s vision. The iPhone has a set of icons for the main screen, springboard, and apple glasses have starboard. There are no messages describing interface elements, but it is speculated that Apple will adjust its icons and UI to adapt to the augmented reality interface. The [/p > < p > arkit 4 creates a new way to access the details collected by lidar scanners, which takes advantage of higher resolution data in Apple maps, and places augmented reality experiences in specific locations in Apple glasses. This feature will allow for more in-situ augmented reality experiences and better understand the placement and occlusion of objects in the environment. Although it is rumoured that Apple will launch ar glasses at the time of iPhone 12, Apple may reconsider whether to release the product due to its too many product lineup in 2020. Others say Apple may launch its glasses in 2021 and then release them to the public in 2022. According to Jon Prosser, a technology analyst, apple glasses without prescription lenses will cost $499. Apple glasses are quite cheap compared to the $3500 Microsoft augmented reality headset, probably because most of the computing, networking and positioning features are done by the iPhone. From Google glasses and snapchat glasses to Microsoft holo glasses and Facebook’s upcoming augmented reality glasses, many companies have tried and tried to develop the technology. But so far, no product has been successful. Apple has always been good at making complex innovations more concise and committed to bringing convenience to users. Whether Apple glasses can change the whole industry as the iPhone did in the past, let’s see. Straight screen S20! Samsung Galaxy S20 Fe exposure: 1Hz high brush + snapdragon 865