Can cancer be cured? After two years of anti-cancer, the tumor in the body disappeared. Li Kaifu said frankly: four things are crucial

The terrible degree of cancer must be known to all of us. Whether cancer can be cured is also a topic of constant debate. But Li Kaifu, who was in advanced stage of cancer, has been fighting cancer for 2 years. The tumor in his body has disappeared gradually. He said frankly: four things are crucial. As the saying goes, food is the most important thing for the people, and eating is an indispensable thing for all of us. How to eat well and eat healthy is the problem we need to care about. Many diseases are caused by irregular diet in daily life and unhealthy food. Therefore, in order to prevent cancer, especially those who have already suffered from cancer, we must complete three meals a day on time. And do not be picky, partial food, to ensure a comprehensive intake of nutrients, which is the fundamental to maintain health. In addition, to reduce the risk of cancer, high fat, smoked, fried food must be reduced. In addition to diet, sleep is also very important, and it has a great impact on the health of the body. Nowadays, there is a consensus in the medical community on the prevention of cancer, that is sleep. If you don’t get enough sleep, you wake up the next day and your body’s immunity will drop by 75%. This can lead to the invasion of a variety of diseases, and can also lead to irregular sleep cancer cell mutations. Therefore, to ensure adequate sleep, can effectively prevent the occurrence of cancer, especially for cancer patients, more need to ensure adequate sleep, to ensure that the body’s immunity in the best state. < / P > < p > I believe many cancer patients have heard that a good attitude can cure cancer. Although this statement is exaggerated, maintaining a good and positive attitude is really helpful for cancer treatment. Li Kaifu’s ability to cure cancer is inseparable from his positive attitude. Only when he has confidence in himself can he make the treatment of disease more effective, which is the case with any disease. The progress of modern medicine and the development of doctors’ medical technology are the guarantee to improve the cure rate of cancer. Only when patients have confidence in themselves and doctors, can they treat more effectively. < / P > < p > many people think that after suffering from cancer, they can’t exercise. This is actually a very wrong idea. Appropriate exercise is beneficial to the body at any time. Of course, the amount of exercise must be determined according to your own physical condition. Excessive exercise is not allowed, otherwise it will do harm to the body. As long as appropriate exercise, can accelerate the body’s metabolism, let the body’s immunity more powerful, for the treatment of disease is very helpful. Moreover, for healthy people, 30 minutes of exercise a day can effectively reduce the risk of various types of cancer. < / P > < p > the above four things are very effective in the treatment of cancer. As long as we can adhere to it, cancer may not be incurable. Of course, it’s not to say that as long as you do these things, you don’t have to treat cancer. After the emergence of cancer, you still need to go to the hospital for professional treatment. The doctor will choose the best treatment plan according to your specific situation. If you can do the above in the process of treatment, the effect of treatment may be improved. Science Discovery