Can eating a lot of vitamin C really fight cancer? It is said that the inventor of the method is also a Nobel Prize winner

In 1970, Nobel laureate Linus Bao and cancer expert Ivan Cameroon tried to treat cancer with high doses of vitamin C, but they were not confirmed by any experiments. They gave high doses of vitamins to patients with advanced cancer, believing that this method could provide survival benefits and published a book. Later, the Nobel laureate, Linus Pauling, also died of prostate cancer and was given a large dose of vitamin C therapy. But the treatment of cancer advocated by him, and the books he wrote, have been used as a reason for many people to publicize, especially that it was invented by the Nobel Prize. In 1979, 1983 and 1985, the Mayo hospital conducted three randomized controlled double-blind clinical trials in 367 patients with advanced cancer. The results showed that 10 g of VCD daily was not better than placebo control. < / P > < p > in March 2017, a paper was published in the journal Cancer Cell. Through clinical trials, scientists from the University of Iowa found that, as a potential strategy to improve the efficacy of standard cancer treatment, regular injection of 800-1000 times the daily recommended dose of vitamin C to patients with brain cancer and lung cancer was proved to be safe. < / P > < p > the average person’s weight is about 3000 times that of a mouse, which means that it takes 6000 oranges to reach this dose, which is impossible for anyone. Moreover, when vitamin C is absorbed to a certain concentration by oral administration, the protection mechanism of gastrointestinal tract will be activated and it will not be absorbed any more. Therefore, no matter how much vitamin C is taken orally after a certain dose, it will not work. These new studies are all intravenous injections of vitamin C in order to reach high concentrations in the body. Older posts →