Can HP and x 14 sharp dragon version solve the five major pain points of business people

As business people who often travel on business, it is needless to say that they rely on notebooks. Making excel reports, processing word documents, and video conferencing are almost daily tasks. However, business people often have the following anxieties in the process of using notebooks, or the five pain points that perplex them, including portability, endurance, performance, security, and so on Handling comfort. HP vs. x 14 sharp dragon edition is a High-Performance Lightweight business book just released by HP. Can it solve the five major pain points bothering business people? Now we will analyze them one by one. < / P > < p > many laptops that flaunt their thinness are not friendly in actual experience. Whether they are put in backpacks or suitcases on the way out, they will increase the travel burden, which is undoubtedly worse for the already tired business people. < p > < p > the HP and x 14 sharp dragon version weighs only 1.34kg, almost equivalent to the weight of two bottles of mineral water. It’s very light to hold in hand, and it won’t increase the travel burden because of the overweight notebook. In addition, HP and the x 14 sharp dragon version not only ensures the lightness, but also adopts the metal fuselage and CNC integrated molding technology, both of which not only ensure the strength of the body, but also improve the texture of the whole machine. The business light and thin version is worthy of its name. < / P > < p > business people may have no time to take into account the remaining power of the notebook in their busy work, and the environment may not allow charging at any time, so the battery life of the notebook is particularly important. < / P > < p > the battery life of the notebook is often related to the battery capacity and power management strategy. HP and the x 14 sharp dragon version are equipped with 53wh batteries. The rated capacity of the battery is not the largest among the notebook of the same size, but its endurance is very strong. The test results of pcmark 10 and battery report are more than 15 hours, which is far higher than the 14 inch lightweight version with larger battery capacity. < / P > < p > if we calculate the working hours of 8 hours a day, the endurance of HP vs. x 14 sharp dragon can almost meet the work demand of two days. It can be seen that HP’s power management strategy against x 14 sharp dragon is quite excellent. The performance of < / P > < p > is the precondition to improve the work efficiency. The slow loading speed, stuck or even blue screen are the obstacles that seriously affect the work efficiency. For business notebook, processor, memory and hard disk are the three core hardware that affect the performance. HP and the x 14 sharp dragon version have made great efforts in these three aspects. < p > < p > < p > the HP battle x 14 sharp dragon version is equipped with the AMD sharp dragon 7 Pro 4750u processor. The processor adopts the advanced 7Nm process technology and has 8 cores and 16 threads. The single core and multi-core performance has been greatly improved. Whether it is daily mail sending and receiving, document processing, complex video editing, modeling and rendering, HP war x 14 Ruilong version can run smoothly. < / P > < p > HP and x 14 are not equipped with independent graphics card, but integrated with AMD video graphics core display, and the memory frequency will have a certain impact on the core display performance. In short, the higher the memory frequency, the stronger the core display performance. HP and x 14 are equipped with 16GB DDR4 3200mhz dual channel memory. On the one hand, 16GB capacity can fully guarantee the speed of loading large software; on the other hand, 3200mhz memory frequency also plays a certain role in giving full play to the core display performance. < / P > < p > in terms of hard disk, HP battle x 14 sharp dragon version is equipped with 512gb PCI nvme SSD, which can provide much faster loading speed than mechanical hard disk. At the same time, it also solves the noise problem that cannot be avoided by mechanical structure and makes the use experience more comfortable. < p > < p > HP vs. x 14, the sharp dragon version also has good noise control. We specially tested HP vs. x 14 The environment noise is 44.2 dB in shutdown state, 45.1 dB after startup, and 50.1 dB when keyboard tapping. The increase is less than 1 dB after startup, and the noise is controlled at about 50 dB when the laptop is used. < / P > < p > the importance of data and information is almost the first in the current Internet environment, and no one wants to disclose personal privacy. As business data that may endanger the security of enterprises, it is more important. < / P > < p > in order to ensure the absolute security of user data, HP’s x 14 sharp dragon version adopts three guarantees, one is IR face recognition, the other is fingerprint recognition, and the third is physical anti peep paddle of camera. It is relatively common to use a single technology of face recognition, fingerprint identification or camera physical paddle, but it is rare to have a notebook that integrates the three security measures. It can be seen that HP’s x 14 sharp dragon version has strong security in terms of security. < / P > < p > in addition to ensuring the absolute security of user data, HP and the x 14 sharp dragon version have also done a lot of work on the protection of the whole laptop. HP war x 14 sharp dragon version has passed the industry’s rigorous mil-std-810h military standard test. The test includes 19 tests including drop, functional impact, 10-500hz vibration, shutdown low temperature, humidity, shutdown height, dust and thermal shock. In many places that we can’t see or don’t think of, HP and the x 14 sharp dragon version have made the most comprehensive consideration. < / P > < p > when it comes to cameras, HP’s x 14 sharp dragon version uses a 88 ° wide-angle camera with a 360 ° noise reduction microphone. The camera is located directly above the top of the screen, which can achieve the best video call effect. At the same time, the 88 ° wide-angle camera head can accommodate a wider field of vision. In addition, there is a radio microphone hole above the a side of the notebook, which can better pick up the sound of multi person meeting, and will not miss the sound due to the microphone back to the front of the screen. < / P > < p > the probability of using an external keyboard on a business trip is almost zero. One is that the volume of the external keyboard is too large and it is not easy to carry; the other is that the use environment may not allow it. For example, there is no place to accommodate the external keyboard on the plane or high-speed rail, so the feel of the notebook keyboard largely determines the input experience of the whole machine. < / P > < p > HP’s x 14 sharp dragon keyboard has excellent hand feeling. The key range of the key is as high as 1.5mm, and the rebound is constant and powerful. At the same time, rubber dome and shockproof hook technology are added to each key under the key cap, which brings more silent knocking effect. In addition, the keyboard also supports two-level backlight adjustment, and the setting of two-level backlight is more logical. < p > < p > thanks to the low heat output of the internal hardware and the heat dissipation design of the whole machine, the temperature of HP and x 14 sharp dragon keyboard is also very comfortable in the process of use, and it will not overheat at all. < / P > < p > at the same time, HP’s x 14 sharp dragon version also adopts the design of track point pointer and entity key touch panel, which brings variety to the control mode of notebook. < p > < p > in general, HP vs. x 14 sharp dragon has obvious advantages in portability, endurance, performance, security and comfort of operation. It can be said that HP vs. x 14 sharp dragon version perfectly solves the five pain points that perplex business people. What’s more, the price of such a high-performance business light-weight book is also very user-friendly. The top version of R7 is only about 5500 yuan. 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