Can payment points open wechat version of Huabei? Credit score is so important!

many friends who use Alipay know that Alipay has launched the sesame credit function. The credit score of sesame will affect many Alipay rights and interests. For example, ants borrow flowers and flowers need sesame credit score up to 600. Before that, the outside world has been comparing the distribution with Huabei. In fact, the benchmark of distribution is the installment of Huabei. If Huabei is a credit card, installment and distribution are the installment functions of credit card. However, the distribution is not settled on a monthly basis, but on a daily basis. That is to say, users can repay at any time and terminate the interest calculation. This is different from Huabei. Huabei begins to calculate interest after it is overdue, and its distribution begins after consumption. There are more days for interest calculation. Wechat payment is based on the big data of wechat payment, including three aspects: personal identity characteristics, payment behavior and credit history. That is to say, the payment branch will judge the personal identity characteristics from the bank card and other documents bound with personal information left by you in wechat payment, inspect whether the user’s payment behavior is good from the frequent use of wechat payment, and from the use of wechat payment Whether wechat payment can be made in time or not is an investigation of credit history. < / P > < p > wechat payment score is mainly evaluated from three dimensions of “identity traits”, “payment behavior” and “compliance history”. We can improve the score from these three aspects. < / P > < p > abide by the use rules of wechat platform, for example, after micro loan loans, you should return them on time, and remember to pay in time after sharing bicycles. Of course, any lending platform outside the wechat platform can not have credit violations, after all, the credit system institutions are connected with each other and the information is transparent. Dishonest behavior will enter Tencent’s blacklist and affect personal wechat payment score. < / P > < p > wechat payment score is based on the social relationship chain within wechat, and the wechat payment score between friends will affect each other. Therefore, add more high-quality friends, do not add illegal people. < / P > < p > in addition to sesame credit score and wechat payment score, in fact, many credit platforms of big brands will increase the amount of credit for users based on certain third-party credit score. For example, the small full score of duxiaoman finance, many small partners feed back their credit status through the small full score when they borrow money under the small full score The amount of money spent to withdraw is more, which can also play a positive role in raising the amount of money for users. < p > < p > KangBo finance publishes this information for the purpose of spreading more information. The content of this article is for reference and learning exchange only, and does not constitute any decision-making suggestions for you. Continue ReadingIqoo5 series debut strength interpretation of “120 super full mark flagship”