Can the United States ban Huawei, but we can’t ban apple? The reason behind it is helpless!

In today’s rapid development of science and technology, the Internet has also successfully entered thousands of households. The arrival of the network era has also successfully driven the development of smart phones. When it comes to smart phones, you will surely think of Huawei in China and apple in the United States. These two brands of mobile phones are two excellent mobile phone brands.

as we all know, Huawei is now a focus in the world. In addition to excelling in the research and development of mobile phones, Huawei has also set foot in the 5g field. Huawei is now one of the top enterprises in China. At the same time, as a mobile phone brand, Huawei is not only doing a good job in mobile phones, but also in the construction of 5g.

as we all know, since last year, the U.S. Department of Commerce has changed its export rules to prevent American companies from providing Huawei with chips. Huawei has also been boycotted by the United States. In order to crack down on Huawei and block Huawei’s development, the United States has resorted to all means.

Huawei suffered heavy losses during its crackdown in the United States, and its enterprises were also affected a lot. The United States not only forbids Huawei from entering the U.S. market, but also restricts Huawei’s mobile phones from using Google’s services. We all know that Google browser is used overseas. Huawei’s ban has greatly affected Huawei’s overseas sales.

the United States boycotted Huawei and banned the sale of Huawei products. Netizens asked why the United States can ban Huawei and why China can’t ban apple? In fact, there is a reason, and this reason is to the point!

although it is said that we will bring profits to the United States by buying Apple, is not buying apple a blow to foreign countries? In fact, it’s not like this. Our boycott of Apple will also have an impact on us, and eventually we will hit ourselves.

as early as the era of iPhone 4, Apple has attracted a large number of fans in China. Apple’s annual sales volume in the Chinese market is also very high, and Apple’s mobile phone is excellent in many aspects.

in fact, apple mobile phone has a great impact on China’s economy. First of all, Apple has a certain growth effect on China’s economy. If we blindly boycott apple, it will cause very serious consequences. As we all know, Apple has a strong production line for mobile phones, tablets, computers and other electronic products. In China, there are many OEM factories serving Apple’s products. If we do not buy apples one day, the most serious problem is that many workers will lose their jobs and businesses and shops will close down, which will undoubtedly be a major blow to China’s economy. Because Apple’s largest OEM factory is in China, that is Foxconn.

thousands of workers in Foxconn are waiting for Apple’s orders to pay wages. Apple also provides a job for many Chinese workers. If the Chinese people really boycott apple, resulting in a decrease in the number of Apple orders, we do not know how many people will lose their jobs. For example, Samsung’s former OEM factory was also in China. However, due to the large reduction of Samsung’s orders in China in recent years, Samsung had to close its OEM factory in China. This closure has resulted in many workers in the original factory laid off and lost their jobs, resulting in certain economic pressure.

in addition, in addition to Foxconn, the OEM factory of apple, there are many physical stores of apple in China. Both the workers in the factory and the sales staff in the store are good. It can be said that they are all relying on apple to eat. Continue ReadingAmerican companies begin to give up R & D: who should pay for corporate research?