Can things in dreams be controlled? The MIT team has developed a new system for orienting dreams

Since the 20th century, there have been scientists who pay attention to people’s dreams in Europe. Among them, Freud is the most familiar one. Freud’s masterpiece is considered to be the first book to systematically analyze human dreams, which provides important reference for future psychologists to study dreams. But so far, humans can only speculate on the causes of the dream scene, and can’t control what appears in the dream, but a team of researchers at MIT has done it. According to reports, MIT neuroscientist Adam Horowitz and his team recently launched a system called “directional dream incubation”. Users only need to wear hand devices to detect physical signs, and then communicate with the recorder through the program. In this way, the recorder can use the “directional dream incubation system” to embed the memory of the user To achieve the goal of delivering content to the dream. Many people were surprised to learn of the news. How did this happen? < / P > < p > before we can understand how the directional dream incubation system works, we need to know what the basis of its implementation is. For a long time, scientists have been studying the state of the human brain during sleep, and found that the brain is not completely resting, and some parts of it are still working to perceive the external environment through hearing, smell and touch. Many experimental phenomena can explain this problem. For example, scientists have detected that evoked potentials also appear on the scalp during sleep. < / P > < p > the initial understanding of the brain has enabled scientists in this field to continue to study the deep content of sleep, until 2013, a research team of Northwestern University proposed a method that can be targeted to interfere with dreams. The researchers asked volunteers to associate a cue tone with a learning task, and then played the cue again after the volunteers fell asleep. The results showed that the learning performance of the volunteers was improved after waking up. Although this finding has not yet been able to effectively intervene in dreams, it is an important basis for the directional dream incubation system. Researchers from the MIT team combined with previous studies have found that there is a sleep critical state between waking and sleeping states. Because the consciousness is free and loose in this state, it is the best time to intervene in the dream. < / P > < p > volunteers need to lie down when they start using the system, and then the researchers put on a device to detect whether they are sleeping. The device includes sensors on the fingers of volunteers, because the fingers will slowly open after entering the sleep state. Therefore, the sensors detect this situation and then combine with the detection of heart rate and other parameters to comprehensively judge whether the volunteers have successfully entered the sleep state. < / P > < p > before the start of the experiment, the researchers recorded a special cue tone for the volunteers, which needed to be associated with a specific scene. Then, when the system detects that the volunteers are in sleep, the system application will play a loop to play the customized prompt tone. After a period of time, the system will slowly guide the volunteers to wake up from sleep, and finally record whether the volunteers have dreamed and what they see in their dreams. < p > < p > the experimental results showed that nearly 70% of the 49 volunteers who had dreams had dreams of scenes associated with cue tones. Although this result does not show that the success rate of the directional dream incubation system is 100%, its success rate has exceeded 50%, which is an unprecedented innovative achievement in the field of dream research. The MIT team said they are still making further improvements to the system. < p > < p > imagine that if similar systems or devices appear in the future and can increase the probability of successful intervention in human dreams to more than 80% and 90%, then the plot in the movie will become a reality. This technology seems to be very advanced, but we must also strictly control its application conditions, or it may become a sword to hurt human beings. Science Discovery