Can this tablet be used as a computer directly? Huawei matepad Pro 5g

Huawei matepad Pro 5g version. As the first 5g tablet we experienced, what kind of experience can Huawei matepad Pro 5g provide? < / P > < p > the front of the fuselage is a 10.8-inch 16:10 aspect ratio screen, which uses 2K QHD screen. The upper left corner is a single shot screen, with 4.9mm four sides equal width and micro frame design. The screen proportion has reached 90%, and it is also the tablet computer with the largest screen proportion in the world. The field of vision is panoramic, and the visual effect is quite shocking. < / P > < p > then Huawei matepad Pro 5g also has a set of dedicated shortcut key combinations for you. We only need to use the second “search key” and the “/” key combination in the lower left corner to call out all the shortcut keys. You can get familiar with them, which can greatly improve your office efficiency. However, there are still some combination keys missing. It is suggested to add some commonly used functional shortcut keys such as screenshot and screen recording. < / P > < p > 5g’s experience for Huawei’s matepad Pro 5g is subversive. In the past, we could see the networking of tablet computers, and even windows tablet computers. But due to the fact that the price of windows tablet is tens of thousands of yuan, and the experience cost is too high, it’s better to buy a laptop. We almost never experience the ecology of taking out a tablet to work. Today, 5g, emui10.1, cloud computer, cloud games and other functions have also brought disruptive innovation experience to Android Tablet. It no longer requires the tablet computer to have super performance, nor Intel CPU and NVIDIA GPU. < / P > < p > in terms of processor, Huawei’s matepad Pro is equipped with the same Kirin 990 5g SOC as mate XS and mate 30 pro, and supports NSA / SA 5g dual-mode combination. Needless to say, the performance and 5g speed of Huawei’s matepad Pro provide users with a leading 5g extreme speed connection experience. < / P > < p > a cloud PC, a cloud game and a 5g network with high speed and low latency create unlimited possibilities for tablet computers. Huawei’s matepad Pro 5g is the first person to eat the big crab of 5g tablet. Skip to content