Can wallpaper play with flowers? What’s the difference between oppo wallpaper and others?

In addition to the external aesthetics of smart phones, the internal beauty is also very important. The best way to measure a manufacturer’s aesthetic outlook is to look at the built-in UI design, and the “wallpaper” that serves as the background of the icon should be carefully selected. If there is no reasonable matching, the primary and secondary will be misplaced, and the “accident” that the background is too prominent and the icon becomes the focus is common. Oppo coloros, which is good at aesthetics, provides a good demonstration for all. So what is it worth learning from other UI? < / P > < p > I believe that users who have used Huawei mobile phones will be tortured by their “old age aesthetics”. Neither the style of icons nor the selection of wallpapers are in line with the aesthetic values of most young people. Moreover, due to the abruptness of wallpapers, it is difficult for users to find the focus when using them. Compared with emui 10, coloros 7 is more reasonable in collocation, and the simple icon with solid color background is more natural. < / P > < p > in addition to the system’s own solid color static background, coloros also has a wide range of choices, including dynamic Wallpapers full of vitality and Art + Wallpapers gathered by masters. In the latest oppo reno4 series, the gravity wallpaper added by coloros 7.2 is also worthy of attention. After setting, it will scroll with the change of mobile phone’s position state, which is more in line with human’s visual experience. < / P > < p > when it comes to the aesthetic value of oppo, art + is naturally inseparable from Art +. In addition to the “icon”, art + series wallpaper has always been loved by all kinds of digital lovers. In addition to the excellent quality of wallpaper itself, it also has profound connotation. < p > < p > The Art + updated every Thursday has now released 36 issues. Due to its temporary aesthetic and inheriting the “canger modern regular script” of Chinese civilization, it uses visual hedging to metaphorize the “dye Qinglian” of perceptual rationality to find the balance point, to record the passage of time, to explore the wonderful “adventure” of the universe, and to “Lingsha man shadow” with desert scenery illusion… < / P > < p > coloros 7 Based on the unique aesthetic, various types and artistic precipitation, it carves out attractive wallpapers for each oppo user. This is really valuable in the noisy mobile phone industry. I believe that after the precipitation of time, coloros will be more comfortable in controlling the aesthetics and look forward to that day. Science Discovery