Can you experience outdoor activities at home? Caper received 300000 Euro seed round financing

In 2020, caper, a London based start-up, was founded by chief executive Ben geliher, who was once the chief producer of mind candy. It provides interactive entertainment for family members. By downloading the “caper” app, parents can play video games with their children outdoors to complete the tasks in the game. In addition, many of the company’s game activities are also suitable for use at home. < / P > < p > during the popularity of covid-19, more than 4000 families downloaded “caper” to bring entertainment, creativity and happiness to their families. “Caper” focuses on Authenticity in its game tasks, so users will gain a sense of stimulation and achievement every time they experience adventure in the game. Through interesting character introductions and exciting events, the company helps users re-establish contact with the world around them. < p > < p > children can gradually learn more about nature in the simulated outdoor games of “caper”. Affected by the epidemic situation, children are extremely lack of outdoor activities. However, feeling the beauty of nature has a positive impact on their growth. The company will use innovative thinking to design game backgrounds to increase children’s understanding of the natural environment and the animal world. In addition, caper games can help children improve sedentary habits. After all, the sedentary lifestyle has a very bad impact on children’s health. According to Ben geliher, Lego ventures has a deep understanding of the style and creativity of children’s games, which will help caper better understand the content design of games. < p > < p > currently, caper is available for free on IOS and Android. From late August 2020, the first episode of captain redtail will be available free of charge, while the rest of the series will be available for a one-time purchase at a price of 4.99. < / P > < p > for the new round of financing, “caper” will be used to continue to develop products and improve the practicability and fun of products. In addition, the company will continue to expand its market size through cooperation with LEGO ventures and founders factory, aiming to bring services to more consumers. Continue ReadingXiaomi new machine real machine exposure center dig hole screen design or high color thousand yuan machine