Can ZTE revive the world’s first mass production machine with hidden under screen camera, which is fixed at 9.1?

The design of front-end camera has been carried on for many generations in smart phones, and its location has changed several times. In the beginning, the front camera was generally designed on the frame of the mobile phone, but with the mobile phone manufacturers greatly increasing the proportion of the screen, the location and way of the front camera has experienced “bangs”, “water drops”, “digging holes” and so on. In these commercial front-end camera design modes, no matter which mode, it is inevitable to occupy the screen area. When users watch video or games, there will always be front-end cameras blocking the line of sight, which makes people feel uncomfortable. < / P > < p > however, the hidden camera technology that has not been officially commercialized and released has become the best solution. ZTE axon 205g, the world’s first mass production machine applying hidden camera technology, has brought good news to users recently: its camera area under the screen will only account for 0.2% of the screen area! Perfect implementation of the screen hidden effect, truly bring users a flawless screen! < / P > < p > if you only need a flawless screen, then mobile phones with lift front camera technology can do it, such as glory X10, Hongmi K30 supreme commemorative edition, etc. all have “flawless” screens, but the disadvantages of this lift structure are also very obvious – weight, the model with this technology must have a built-in mechanical lift structure, and the The application of this structure will also affect the overall weight of the mobile phone, especially in the 5g era. The original mobile phone with 5g chip is heavy enough. If the lifting structure is adopted, the weight will easily exceed 210g, which will make users feel very depressed. ZTE axon 205g officially announced that the weight of the machine is only 198g, which brings users a better holding experience. < / P > < p > ZTE axon 205g’s hidden under screen camera technology has no worries about further weight improvement, which is why the hidden under screen camera technology has always been able to attract the attention of the public compared with the lifting technology. One of the major problems of the hidden camera technology is to find a balance between the light transmittance and the display effect. If the light transmittance is too high, the shooting effect will be improved, but the display screen will have obvious color inaccuracy. How can we talk about “hidden camera”? ZTE is the first to launch a mass production machine equipped with hidden under screen camera technology, which shows that ZTE officials have found the right balance and overcome the technical problems. < / P > < p > ZTE’s axon 205g has published the following data: 6.92 inch OLED material super large screen. 1080p resolution. The front hidden single pixel is 3200W, and the rear four camera module, in which the main pixel is 6400w. The main frequency of the processor is 2.4G, with a rate of about 765G. It is a mainstream mid-range processor this year. After carrying these high-quality hardware, its thickness is only 7.9MM, and its weight is only 198g. I believe the comprehensive experience will be very good. < / P > < p > once the mainstream smartphone manufacturer in China was “Zhonghua coolie”, but now only “Hua” still belongs to the mainstream brand, and others are reduced to “others”. ZTE strives to polish the off screen camera technology, just to take advantage of the new technology and return to the user’s vision. I hope ZTE can become famous in the first world war again, so that users can see more possibilities in the domestic mobile phone market. Privacy Policy