Cancer blogger “Huzi’s second half of his life” died. He was once questioned about “selling miserably and cheating money” to maintain “high consumption”

On October 9, an anti-cancer blogger, Huzi’s second half of his life, who had been suspected of “selling miserably and defrauding money”, published an obituary, confirming that the blogger had died in Hainan on October 6, at the age of 41. < p > < p > in May this year, he, with more than 100000 fans in station B, was disclosed by netizens that he had been in and out of high-end places for consumption many times. He was questioned that his family was well-off, but he paid for his high personal consumption by “selling miserably and cheating money”, which caused controversy. At the end of 2019, Fu Shenhu, 40, began to publish anti-cancer records in station B under the name of “the second half of tiger son”. One video attracted the attention of many netizens. In the video, Fu Shenhu claims that he has advanced lung cancer and has been fighting with the disease for four years. In order to take care of his sick father, his mother suddenly suffered a stroke and was hospitalized. His family still owes hundreds of thousands of foreign debts. < / P > < p > from December last year to May this year, “the second half of tiger’s life” has been updated at a high frequency. The number of fans in station B has exceeded 100000, and has been praised by more than 3.5 million. He has become a famous “anti-cancer blogger”. His experience has also attracted many netizens to put money and reward on the platform to cheer him on. However, in May, some netizens disclosed that Fu Shenhu’s public comment account “let my little orange be happy” had frequently been in and out of hotpot and seafood shops, clocked out “500 consumer places” and “top 0.1% of Sanya” within two years, and “stayed in a hotel of 2000 yuan a night” to do foot massage. At the same time, there are also records of car maintenance at BMW 4S store. According to netizens, Fu Shenhu owns a large house worth millions of yuan in Sanya, has two companies under his name, and has invested in an Internet cafe. < p > < p > subsequently, the news that he was “selling miserably and defrauding money” became rampant. Many netizens thought that his identity as “a patient with advanced lung cancer” was also fabricated. Station B also marked its video with “content dispute” for the first time. In response to this, Fu Shenhu sent a video response on June 1, saying that he had two accounts in the public comments. From April and may 2017 to the present, he had won 84 free overlord meals. “The 300 to 500 meals mentioned on the Internet are pure rumors.”. In an interview with the Beijing News, Fu also said that some of the comments were taken by himself through the door of the store or quoted other people’s photos, which did not really consume. < p > < p > below the response video, the official account number of public comments said that Fu Shenhu’s real winning times of Bawang food in 2019 was a single digit. < p > < p > according to the field visit of several media reporters in early June, Fu Shenhu was diagnosed with lung cancer and bone secondary malignant tumor, and received chemotherapy for many times. During this period, he received chemotherapy in Hainan Third People’s Hospital in April 2019, and is currently in the Department of Oncology of Weifang people’s Hospital in Shandong Province. < p > < p > in response to netizens’ query that he went to BMW 4S store for maintenance and had a luxury car, Fu Shenhu explained in an interview that beiqingshen bought a BMW series I car with a loan when conditions allowed in 2013, and his wife proposed to sell it after he fell ill. In order not to let his wife work too hard, Fu Shenhu did not agree with his wife’s proposal to sell the car. < p > < p > for Sanya’s housing, Fu Shenhu said that the house was about 80 square meters, which was purchased by the wife’s father with a loan, and the property rights belonged to the wife, not the joint property of the husband and wife. < p > < p > on the dispute that “cancer patients can still eat seafood dinner”, Fu Shenhu said that he “adheres to the original intention, the fact is the fact”, and said that not all cancer patients have to lie ill in bed and can’t eat. < p > < p > in the fourth month of the storm, Fu Shenhu did not overcome the disease and died. On October 9, an obituary notice was issued on the account “the second half of Huzi’s life” in station B. Huzi died in Hainan at 5:30 a.m. on October 6. He was only 41 years old and was buried in Weifang, Shandong, according to his will. According to a report on October 9, Fu Shenhu’s wife said that in the past two months, Fu Shenhu “is in a very painful stage, and the chemotherapy can’t be cured because his body can’t stand it. In the end, he couldn’t speak and his consciousness was not clear. ” < p > < p > in response to the controversy her husband faced during his lifetime, she said that “the Qing Dynasty is self-cleaning”. “For some malicious voices, let them speak. Time will prove everything. I don’t have the energy to care about it now. Let time prove something. ” Video Number assistant internal test online! Four functions let you send 1g video on the computer