Candy like camera, the girl looked at the heart, the operation is very simple

Many of my sisters basically ask me a question, that is, why do you always bring a camera when you go out? Of course, if you are a very photography person, you will understand me. But everyday go out with what camera, that has to pay attention to. For many girls, as a carry with you, the color and weight become the top priority of choosing cameras! I believe that many girls will be like me, and will find the best one before choosing the camera. Fuji x-a7 is a preferred one. It has many colors such as starlight brown, silver black, mint green, dark gray, navy blue, etc., and it has excellent photo high performance configuration, extremely simple touch screen control and Fuji film simulation functions. It is a good model for home users and vlog market. It has Renaissance modeling, excellent control, full of youth and fashion color, 16:9 highlight large screen and 4K 30p video shooting ability, which is enough to let all girls fall into the “trap of pursuing beauty”. The reasons for this choice are as follows: [/p > < p > this time, I bought Fuji x-a7, which is “full of small and fresh peppermint color in the spirit”. The most intuitive feeling of Fuji x-a7 is that this 16:9 about 276 megapixel 360 degree flip touch screen is extremely novel. The size of this 3.5-inch screen almost covers the whole body, and the body weight is 320G. Fuji x-a7 just meets the needs of my little girl for both light and beautiful value. The most important thing girls pay attention to is the camera’s portrait shooting function. Fuji x-a7 is equipped with 24.2 megapixel APS-C picture frame CMOS sensor. It is a camera that can complete the beautiful self-photographing by ourselves. We only need to rotate the flip screen, put the camera on the table, hold it in our hands or carry a small tripod. Even if there is no photographer, we can complete the self-photographing. The skin beauty function of Fuji x-a7 is more powerful. The enhanced human image setting can present the famous charm of Fuji film and its natural skin color. Meanwhile, Fuji x-a7 can quickly and accurately track the face and eyes of the subject in the movement. 425 focus covers the whole picture and covers the whole sensor, so that you can achieve faster and more accurate focusing, and there will be no coking situation! In addition, Fuji x-a7 can control the depth of field through the buttons on the display screen, which can provide us with beautiful and natural virtual effect for the photos we take and get more creative inspiration. In terms of video shooting, Fuji x-a7 has done a very good job. It adopts 6K oversampling shooting, which supports 4k29.97p at the highest, and can also shoot 1080p 60p video with a ratio of 16:9 or 1:1 length to width. The film simulation function that makes Fuji proud is also equipped with this Fuji x-a7. The film simulation function of Fuji x-a7 provides film simulation such as provia/ standard, velvia/ bright color, astia/ soft, classic positive film, pro neg Hi, pro neg STD, black and white film. In addition, I also take some photos by using the class chrome film simulation mode provided by Fuji x-a7. It can be found that it takes flowers in a very good position in these realistic photography, and makes the main body of flowers and makes the background virtual transition natural. In addition, the pedestrian shooting on the street can also be taken clearly, the tone is well regulated, the bright part shows soft, the shadow part shows strong performance, and the virtual transition is natural, which can make you take different styles of photos. It is worth mentioning that Fuji x-a7 can display the film simulation effect on screen in real time and can be compared in the process of film simulation selection. Another important point is that film simulation can be used simultaneously in both static picture shooting and video recording. Summary: Fuji x-a7 is small and light, and it is always around. The design of touch screen allows us to use these most familiar ways to reduce the control and learning process. Only a little bit and slide operation can easily control the camera. The powerful quality and excellent performance also make it easier for us to take the photos we want. Although Fuji x-a7 is a simplified version of the anti anti anti anti, but core performance is not discounted! Fifth personality will be updated, please remember your game account, otherwise you may not be able to play normally