Canon 5d5 is rumored to stop developing. Will the era of SLR be completely replaced by no anti

Before that, brother Mustang had always believed that the SLR would be completely replaced by no anti in five years. I will still adhere to this view. However, whether the camera manufacturers will do so will be considered from the perspective of the market. I think the main points to consider are as follows: < / P > < p > take the photography friends circle of Ye Ma Ge as an example, this opinion is divided into two groups. One is that they agree that no opposition represents the more advanced camera trend; the other is that the opposition thinks that the SLR is a classic and it is difficult to be replaced. < / P > < p > EVF is electronic imaging, and OVF is optical imaging. The imaging difference between the two will be relatively large. For low-end cameras, the display effect of EVF will be relatively poor, which is also a fact. However, the EVF on EOS R5 adopts 120 frame refresh rate, which makes the effect further. < / P > < p > the CMOS with no reflexes works as soon as it starts up. In addition to the work of EVF and LCD screen, the power consumption problem is actually quite troublesome. Although it can be solved by buying more batteries, replacing batteries or forgetting to charge them will make people feel uncomfortable. < / P > < p > don’t say it’s a joke, some people are so tangled. Wild horse brother just started eosr was also entangled by the shutter sound for a while, after all, was used to hearing the crisp sound of the SLR. < / P > < p > although 1dx3 is very bulky, many people still like to use it because it looks big and professional. Generally speaking, SLRs are bigger than those without reflexes. < / P > < p > therefore, there are always some people who will struggle with the above problems. In fact, if we analyze them carefully, many of them are habits and stereotypes, but these things must be diluted with time! < / P > < p > although canon has basically stopped releasing SLR lenses, it continues to sell and produce SLR lenses. As we all know, the profit of lens is higher than that of camera. If you want to continue to make profits on the SLR Lens, you must encourage people to buy SLR cameras. Therefore, manufacturers are still motivated to continue to produce SLR cameras. < / P > < p > although it is said that the SLR Lens can be switched through the adapter ring, the effect of the transition is to add back the weight lost from the original body without reflector. Secondly, the original non reflective lens generally has better imaging and smaller size. < / P > < p > Sony has already made full use of no reflexes. Obviously, this has enabled him to get rid of the burden of the SLR and make full use of it. On the contrary, the products have been made very impressive. < p > < p > canon is a multi product line, not only continues to launch 90d, 1dx3 and other new products on the SLR, but also continues to advance vigorously in the half and full range. Obviously, the SLR product line has not been completely released. But judging from the progress of new SLR products, it has slowed down. Although it is rumor, the news that 5d5 has stopped research and development this time is not entirely groundless. However, if Canon’s EOS R5 R6 and other models are successful, the possibility of 5d5 abandonment will be greatly increased. After all, the functional positioning of 5d5 is bound to coincide with R5. < / P > < p > but it lags behind Canon Sony in the overall market, and Nikon, which has a weaker and weaker sense of presence in the camera market, may also be different from the two. After all, he and Canon are the only manufacturers that continue to launch SLR cameras. If Canon gives up the SLR, Nikon will be the only choice for the new SLR. In conclusion, SLR will be replaced by no anti, but the time and strategy will be determined by each manufacturer according to its own market situation. Canon 5D4 was launched in September 2016. The 5D series, which has been changed every four years, will become a masterpiece of 5D system even if it will be launched. Next, let’s see the performance of eosr5 series! Developed a “plug and play” solar power generation scheme, and “5B” won a $12 million round a financing

Author: zmhuaxia