Canon classic camera PK, EOS R5 vs 5D4, who is the best choice

There is a classic saying in the camera industry: buy the new, not the old. The EOS R5 is new this year, and the EOS 5D4 was launched in 2016. From the function point of view, the EOS R5 is fully rolled over the 5D4. Of course, from the price point of view, the price of EOS R5 is 25999, while the 5D4 has dropped from more than 20000 at the beginning of the launch to about 15000! < p > < p > these two machines are named after five series, which shows that Canon attaches great importance to them. 5D4 is a quasi professional SLR, which is suitable for professional photographers and advanced photography enthusiasts. It is one of the highest level representative works of Canon SLR products. EOS R5 is Canon’s third full frame non reflection camera. After experiencing the trial of EOS R / RP, EOS R5 has finally carried almost all the dreams of Canon users for full frame non reflection. From the perspective of positioning, it is also a quasi professional camera. < / P > < p > therefore, the positioning is similar, and the initial listing price is similar, so it is very comparable. Next, Mustang will compare the two cameras from Canon’s ideas of developing these two devices, the hard indicators of the machines, and the applicable population. At the same time, it also gives specific suggestions for the purchase of these two cameras! < p > < p > Canon’s SLR has a long history. In the digital era, Canon’s SLR product line is also increasingly sound. There are 1 series, 5 series, 6 series of full frame SLR, 7 series of professional level half picture SLR, then to two digit middle half frame SLR, and three digit and four digit entry-level SLR, the product series is very rich and perfect. And in the SLR products, can compete with Canon, the number of Nikon. Canon, with its great success since 5D2 and perfect EF lens group, has dominated the sales list for more than ten years. After purchasing Minolta’s camera products, Sony entered the field of professional cameras. After testing several SLR cameras, Sony gave up all SLR products and made every effort to develop non reflexes. As expected, Sony has achieved great success in micro single. It not only has a half picture micro single product line, but also has a high-end professional anti product A9 series and a mid-end no reaction product A7 series. Among them, a7 series is divided into m, s and R sub series, corresponding to equalization, video and high pixel respectively. < p > < p > with Sony’s all-round efforts in micro single, Sony has launched a comprehensive challenge to Canon and Nikon. What worries Canon even more is that Sony, relying on its leading position in the electronic field, has made continuous breakthroughs in the technology of imaging units. It has not only occupied most of the market for mobile camera head imaging units, but also occupied a lot of shares in camera imaging units. Even competitors such as Nikon and Fuji have purchased Sony products, which makes Canon unable to sit still. < p > < p > canon, which has long been the champion of camera sales for a long time, clearly knows that the future development direction of cameras must be no reverse. However, since the SLR has always been Canon’s key market, and the sales of its lens group is also an important source of Canon’s profits, Canon has taken a more secure approach. < p > < p > in October 2012, Canon launched its first micro single, the half picture EOS M. This is Canon’s first attempt in the no reflexes system. It adopts a half frame and improved ef-m bayonet. The function of the first machine is not perfect. It is the same as the first 5D series machine. However, after several years of iteration, the EOS M series has released three series of one digit, two digit and three digit, and several Canon customized lenses have been provided for the EOS M series, forming a complete set of compact and convenient half picture micro single system, occupying part of Sony’s low-end micro single market. However, Canon clearly knows that full frame camera is the most profitable source. Therefore, in the second half of 2018, Canon’s first full picture product was launched, and in 2019, the simplified version of EOS RP was launched. < / P > < p > from the corresponding model, EOS R can be seen as 5D4 without reverse, and EOS RP is 6D2 without reverse. But as soon as EOS r comes into the market, it is full of controversy! < / P > < p > because Canon always has the suspicion of taking a series of first machines to test the water, so does the first generation of 5D, and so is the EOS M. although EOS R is known as the no reverse version of 5D4, it is deliberately limited in function in order not to affect the sales of 5D4! < / P > < p > for example, there is no dual card system. Although there is more flip screen and innovative touch bar in the control, there are less easy-to-use dials and rocker than 5D4. What’s more, Canon didn’t provide EOS R, and other competitors had anti shake frames on medium and high-end cameras. Moreover, they severely castrated the video: 4K has 1.7 times exaggerated cutting, and 1080p can’t shoot 120P upgraded images. < / P > < p > although EOS r continues the advantages of Canon’s color system, menu consistency, and full-pixel dual core focusing system, the above shortcomings make EOS r a real water testing machine. However, Canon’s biggest innovation for EOS R is the use of RF bayonets, which are designed for the whole picture without any change, and the launch of RF lens group. The first batch of RF 50 f1.2 L, rf28-70 f2.0l and rf70-200 f2.8l are representative works of RF lens showing muscle. < / P > < p > because the profit of the lens is obviously higher than that of the fuselage, the RF lens group is specially designed for the full frame of eosr series, and without a good fuselage, it is obviously unable to drive the lens sales. Two years after Canon’s not a successful EOS r product was released, Canon’s EOS R5 began to warm up with great fanfare at the beginning of 2020. < / P > < p > in July 2020, EOS R5 is finally on the market. With 8K video, 45 million pixels, dual body + lens anti shake mechanism, new second generation full pixel dual core technology and high-speed continuous shooting, EOS R5 has become the most powerful camera with full frame and no reflection performance. < / P > < p > as for the difference between SLR and non SLR, Mustang has said a lot in the previous article, so I will not repeat it. From the perspective of the development of camera market pattern, non anti counterfeiting SLR has become the mainstream of the market, which is mainly reflected in the following points: < / P > < p > the manufacturers represented by Sony abandoned the SLR and made every effort to develop the products. Now only canon and Sony are still sticking to and active in the market. All kinds of new video formats, such as video anti shake and no eye anti shake, are more obvious. There are some new ways to add anti firmware for the camera. < / P > < p > the no anti delay problem, the endurance problem, and the display effect of EVF have been improved in different situations. From these aspects, it has become a reality that no anti replaces SLR. From this point of view, EOS R5 represents the future, and 5D4 represents the glory of the past! < / P > < p > 5D4 uses a 30 megapixel imaging unit and DIGIC 6 + image processor; eosr5 uses Canon’s latest 45 megapixel imaging unit and DIGIC X image processor. The image sensor of EOS R5 is developed and produced by canon. It is a new full frame CMOS image sensor with low noise, and has an effective pixel of about 45 million. With the high-speed image processing of high-performance digital x digital image processor and RF lens with high optical quality, and the optimized configuration of the three, the performance can be brought into full play, so that the image quality can be improved in many aspects, such as image resolution, noise performance, optical performance, etc., and EOS with higher effective pixel number is realized 5DS image resolution performance, in the EOS camera has the highest resolution, can present the user with rich details of high quality. Let landscape, business, portrait and other professional photographers get more delicate and restore the actual texture of the image effect. < / P > < p > 5D4 as a SLR camera, Canon has equipped it with two sets of focusing systems, one is a full pixel dual core system, the other is a TTL phase detection focusing system with 61 automatic focus points and 41 cross focus points. < / P > < p > when the optical view mode is used, the TTL phase focusing is adopted, while when the LV mode is adopted, the full pixel dual core focusing system starts to work to ensure normal focusing in both modes. < / P > < p > EOS R5 adopts a new second generation full pixel dual core system, which can focus at – 6EV and expand the focus range to full field of view. What’s more, R5 not only has the function of human eye recognition, but also adds animal eye recognition. When shooting human images and ecological photos, focusing can firmly grasp the eyeball! < / P > < p > as an SLR, 5D4 has an optical viewfinder, so it is more realistic when viewing. However, the eosr5 may need some time to adapt to people who are first exposed to electronic viewfinder, but the EVF of eosr5 has made great progress compared with eosr. Eosr5 adopts OLED screen and supports the refresh rate of 120Hz, so the display effect is much better. At the same time, due to the EVF, the exposure simulation function can be superimposed, so that the exposure results can be “seen” in advance, which is of great help to the improvement of film production rate. < / P > < p > no reflexes, because there is no mirror opening and closing action, the continuous shooting speed is generally better than the SLR. Eosr5 is no exception. The mechanical shutter can reach 12 shots / s, and the electronic shutter can reach 20 shots / s, while 5D4 only supports 7 shots / s, but it is enough for daily use. < / P > < p > 5D4 has a wide fuselage, sufficient button positions on the background and front of the fuselage, and is equipped with enough buttons to allow users to customize the functions of various buttons. In this regard, it is obviously more convenient than eosr5 without inversion. < / P > < p > although the EOS R5 uses a new type of battery, due to its no reflexes feature, the power consumption of EVF and LCD screen is amazing, and the anti shake mechanism also needs power consumption. Therefore, the endurance performance of eosr5 is much worse than that of 5D4. The corresponding lens group of < / P > < p > 5D4 is EF LENS. At the same time, Shima, Tenglong and other lens manufacturers also produce a wealth of lens groups for EF bayonet. However, eosr5 uses RF bayonet. At present, it can connect the original RF lens, and the number is relatively small. However, all EF bayonet lenses can be transferred through the adapter ring. Although the adapter ring will make the whole camera larger. < / P > < p > 5D4 can shoot 4K video, but eosr5 can shoot 8K video, and video supporting formats are more diverse, needless to say, this is the home of eosr5. < / P > < p > EOS R5 is Canon’s first camera with body anti shake, and it can be connected with the anti shake lens to achieve level 8 super anti shake ability. The 5D4 doesn’t have anti shake. < / P > < p > at present, eosr5 has just come into the market. Due to the shortage of goods, the official price is 25999, and there is no room for negotiation. The 5D4 has been listed for four years, and the current price is about 15000 +. The gap between the two is about 10000 yuan. < / P > < p > and to give full play to the full strength of EOS R5, it is best to choose Canon RF lens. The price of RF series lens is also high, all of which need to be considered together. < / P > < p > if you want a reliable camera that focuses on taking pictures, obviously 5D4 won’t let you down. 5D series is Canon’s most mature and successful full frame camera. Moreover, Canon provides perfect EF lens group with strong cost performance. Today, Canon 5D4 is still the first choice for many professional photographers. With its excellent control and weather resistance, buyers can rest assured that they can use it for five years without considering being out of date