Canon crowdfunding Power Shot zoom portable digital camera

Canon recently crowdfunding a portable digital camera called power shot zoom in makuake, Japan. Now 1000 cameras have been sold out. < p > < p > Canon Power Shot zoom is called a portable digital camera, which is more like a mini digital telescope in terms of shape and focal length. It adopts the shape of a single telescope. It is only the size of a palm. The size is w33.4 × h50.8 × d103.2 mm. It contains battery and memory card and weighs 145g. A 1 / 3-inch CMOS image sensor with 12.1 million effective pixels and the latest DIGIC 8 processor are used in the interior. The equivalent full frame viewing angle is 100-400mm. After digital zoom, the viewing angle is equivalent to 800mm, which supports optical anti shake function. Canon crowdfunding this new product on makuake a few days ago. The price is 31460 yen including tax, and the limited number is 1000 sets. The first 500 sets come with fast charger. Now the camera has been sold out. < p > < p > in recent years, Canon has developed many conceptual digital cameras, power shot Zoom should be the product of these concept machines. It avoids the advantages of smart phones and directly expands the focal section to 100-400mm. With its small size, it can not only make up for the shortcomings of smart phones, but also serve as a telescope. No wonder it can attract Japanese old mages. At present, it is unknown whether Canon will push the power shot zoom to other markets. Older posts →