Canon strongest bucket machine EOS R5, if you just buy to take photos, not video, is it worth starting

Although the selling point of EOS R5 in publicity is 8K video shooting ability, from the perspective of static photography, EOS R5 has been regarded as a canon top camera, which can almost meet all your needs for photography. From this point of view, although the price of EOS R5 is still high at present, it is still very worth buying for photographers who mainly focus on static shooting. < / P > < p > EOS R5 is Canon’s third full frame non reflection camera. After the trial launch of EOS R and RP, Canon has collected a lot of opinions on the early generation of full frame non reflection camera from the market. Canon has always had the second generation machine become a classic precedent. For example, the previous EOS 5D Mark II also started from the second camera of 5D series. Canon is in the leading position in full frame SLR. Today’s EOS R5, since Canon dares to be named as a classic 5-series, must be very outstanding. Although the main function of EOS R5 in Canon’s marketing promotion is its 8K video capability, its static photography ability will be ignored. Among the full picture images of quasi professional level, EOS R5 is second to none! < / P > < p > among canon, Nikon, Sony, Panasonic and so on, only canon has no body shake proof. Although Canon’s anti shake lens is very good, but not all lenses have anti shake function. And in static shooting, the effect of anti shake is much greater than that of video shooting. < / P > < p > one of the most important parts of this EOS R5 is the anti shake effect of the fuselage. Moreover, with the anti shake lens of our own house, we can achieve the anti shake effect of about 8 levels, so my mother doesn’t have to worry about the photo pasting any more! In other words, Canon has never had the anti shake capability of the fuselage, but has leapt to become the body + lens linkage anti shake. Its performance is absolutely the first among all manufacturers now! < / P > < p > for important photography occasions, double card is necessary. The most obvious difference between eosr and 5D4 is the lack of dual card. Now eosr5 makes up for the dual card system and adopts SD + cfexpress dual card. It can also be used for important shooting scenes such as weddings. < / P > < p > video function is a short board of EOS R, which has 1.7 times of clipping when using 4K shooting, and 1080p does not support 120 frame shooting. However, EOS R5 improves the video height to 8K. Although there will be fever, the video ability is outstanding. But here we mainly talk about the ability to take pictures, so this can be ignored. < / P > < p > eosr5 adopts a brand-new 45 megapixel sensor and a digital X image processor of the same level as 1dx3, which has excellent photo taking effect and continues the advantages of Canon’s color management. It’s especially good at portrait shooting. < / P > < p > when mechanical shutter is used, it can reach 12 shots / s, and when electronic shutter is used, it can achieve continuous shooting speed of 20 shots / s. This speed is the same as 1dx3, and also surpasses the products of Nikon and Sony. < / P > < p > eosr5 adopts the second generation full pixel dual core focusing system, supports the low light focusing ability of – 6EV, and greatly improves the eye tracking ability, supports animal eye recognition, and has great potential in ecological photography. < / P > < p > the flip screen is as good as ever, with good color display and touch sensitivity. The display effect of EVF has also been greatly improved, and the refresh rate has been increased to 120 frames. The display effect is very good. < / P > < p > the body of EOS R5 is made of durable magnesium alloy material, and the use requirements of professional photographers in different environments are fully considered in the design, with waterproof and dustproof structure and high durability shutter unit. < / P > < p > Canon specially launched RF lens for R series, which has excellent imaging ability and small size, but the price is obviously expensive. Of course, you can also use the adapter ring to transfer a large number of EF lens groups. < / P > < p > as a modern photography tool, especially in the era of non reaction, the camera is no longer a single tool for photo shooting, and video clips have become an important form of sharing and recording. < / P > < p > and eosr5’s Super Video ability has also become a big selling point. However, for the video workflow, it is obviously different from taking photos. Some photographers focus on photo shooting and don’t care too much about their video ability, so they don’t mind the fever that may appear in the video shooting. < / P > < p > conclusion: if you are interested in the 8K video shooting of EOS R5, you will have to consider the price of cfexpress card, at the same time, you should also pay attention to the hot issue of video shooting. This may be one of the few disadvantages of this camera. Of course, if you focus on photography, I’m sure you’ll be satisfied with its quality, focus and manipulation. Older posts →