Can’t survive 2021? Is Canon EOS M system in the future?

Recently, canonrumor published a “CR1” level article, claiming that Canon will launch “EOS M7 micro single camera”, and this micro single camera is the last update of Canon EOS M system. After 2021, Canon EOS M system will not be updated, until the system is completely eliminated by the market! Due to the intense discussion, canonrumor has published a short article on this issue today. Brother mouse read its information, and added his own point of view to sort out, for the majority of photographers reference. < p > < p > Canon EOS M system was released in 2012, and eight fuselages and eight lenses have been released in eight years. However, the market positioning of these fuselages is not inherited, and most lenses are low-end small aperture products. Especially after Canon released the EOS R system in 2018, although the EOS M system also released an EOS m6mark II micro single camera, Canon’s support for this system was not strong. < / P > < p > because canon is not interested in the development of EOS M system, the current products of EOS M system also lack a clear development direction, which is an important reason why most “equipment commentators” do not like Canon EOS M system! < / P > < p > “informant a” said that Canon’s product roadmap in 2021 did not have EOS M system products, but he believed that under the complicated international situation this year, Canon’s 2021 product roadmap may be adjusted in the fourth quarter of 2020. < / P > < p > “informer B” clearly indicates that EOS M system will “die”, but not in 2021, Canon is still making plans to consider how to guide users of EOS M system to transition to EOS R system. According to the latest statement of canonrumor website, the claim that the EOS M system will be finished in 2021 is undoubtedly “unreliable”. The source of this statement is probably the result of the superposition of the most negative contents of several unconfirmed sources against EOS M system. From the point of view of ca-m, which is not suitable to be eliminated in the short term, the licensed subsystem of ka-m is not suitable to be eliminated. Unless Canon deliberately “digs” for sigma. For price oriented users, EOS M system is still the most worthwhile system to purchase. Because it is cheap enough, and the lens group is very rich. There are original ef-m lenses, which can be transferred to EF, ef-s lenses, and sigma focus lens. < p > < p > 2. For those who are not poor in money, Fuji X system, Canon RP system, Sony e system and Nikon Z system are more appropriate. After all, Canon EOS M system update suck, and it does not give us too much confidence! < / P > < p > If Canon launches a large number of these ef-m lenses, then EOS M system will surely have no worries in the future. On the contrary, if Canon’s lens patents are all “paper cakes”, then the EOS M system will be in trouble! Huawei has finally made a choice! Xiaomi and ov have also followed up. Have you ever thought about today?

Author: zmhuaxia