Can’t understand the operation of apple! After not sending charging head, Apple has come up with a new “pattern”

For apple this year’s new machine does not send charging head this matter, although apple is saying that it is environmental protection. But people who know it all know what’s going on. No matter whether Apple is trying to make more money or not, it can still come up with a theory of “environmental protection”, which is a fact that you can’t deny even if you think apple is “both right and upright”. < / P > < p > recently, when ifixit disassembled the iPhone 12, it was found that the iPhone 12 needs software authorization when replacing the camera. If not authorized by Apple’s software, the camera will not be able to turn on wide-angle mode and can only be used in some modes. < / P > < p > but you should know that when the iPhone camera is generally repaired by a third party, it is not a fake camera, but the original camera that was disassembled. But now, according to ifixit, if you are not authorized by the official software, even if you are an original apple camera, there is no way to use wide-angle mode. < p > < p > in fact, when it comes to the official after-sales service, Xiaobian’s heart is full of sudden changes. The reason for this is that the official after-sales service price is much higher than that of a third party. This is not an apple brand, so are other brands. < p > < p > take Samsung as an example. It is quite expensive for Samsung to replace a screen after sales. However, if you go to a third-party repair shop to replace the screen, it is also the original screen, but the price will be much cheaper. < / P > < p > however, although other brands are also official, after-sales will be a little more expensive, at least other brands can not deprive users of their hard. After the mobile phone breaks down, we can still go to a third-party repair shop to repair it, and then continue to use it normally. However, Apple’s move has blocked the way of third-party maintenance. It also makes the maintenance selectivity of users unique. As long as the camera of Apple phone is broken, there is no way, you have to go to apple to bear the high price after-sales. < / P > < p > even if you make a profit by charging head, now you have to get an official license on the camera. Only let these people go to Apple after-sales maintenance, so that apple can make more money. < / P > < p > in fact, after watching Apple’s successive operations, Xiaobian is really worried about whether Apple will cancel any configuration or control the authorization of hardware next time. What is more worrying is whether Apple, as a weathervane of the mobile phone industry, will its practice cause many brands to follow suit? Science Discovery