Catch your favorite variety show in summer

A large screen TV has become an important tool for entertainment. Today’s TV not only needs to have a large size, but also intelligent, beautiful and light. In August, American trendy TV gives your friends more choices, so you can easily choose a large screen TV suitable for your family. What good products are there?

Hisense 65s7 is a 4K TV product focusing on social functions. It has created a full-time AI table system to create a new form of TV and realize a new way of social interaction. Equipped with a 16 megapixel camera, the product can realize 6-way video call and timely AI voice control while playing HD TV. Let family and friends get together at any time, watch TV, chat about family affairs, and discuss the plot together, just like gathering in the living room.

in addition, Hisense S7 Series products have their own hi sing function, which can invite friends to sing karaoke in different places. Through high fidelity voice acquisition, the studio sound effect can be created, and real-time recording and sharing of friends can be achieved. Users can also learn somatosensory dance through high-definition camera and motion capture technology.

TCL XESS a200pro-t 55 inch rotating intelligent screen vertical full screen intelligent screen AI voice artificial intelligence 4K Ultra High Definition LCD flat panel TV

TCL XESS Tiktok mobile phone is a rotatable smart screen, or a 55 inch “giant screen phone”. Through mobile phone interaction, the smart screen can reverse manipulation, support the activities of brushing, listening to live broadcast, playing games, and automatically switch on the scene. A200Pro is a smart screen that can be rotated. In addition, TCL XESS a200pro rotating smart screen also provides more AI large screen home service functions and scenes, such as AI family photo album, morning mode, smart note, children’s question and answer, and supports no advertising when starting.

the rotating intelligent screen adopts 55 inch full screen design, accounting for 95.9% of the total screen. When rotated to a vertical screen, the visual effect is 100 times that of a 5.5-inch mobile phone. In terms of image quality, the TCL XESS rotating smart screen adopts the primary color high gamut technology, with a gamut value of 120%, and a magnificent color matching chip. In terms of hardware, it is equipped with 5g technology module and lifting AI camera, with four core smart chip and anqiao hifi independent professional sound.

this is an all ecological AI intelligent new species, with voice control high configuration smart screen. SKYWORTH 65a5 supports far-field voice control, freeing hands without remote control. Human computer intelligent voice interaction calls for “small degree” to send out instructions, and the wonderful content will be presented immediately. TV information screen can also be used as speaker, full-time AI wake-up, 24-hour service for you; no boot steps, you can answer.

Skyworth 65a5’s unique wedge-shaped thinkbar and four bit array microphone provide more comprehensive reception, more accurate recognition and faster response speed. The sound source measured and received 10 meters away can support 180 ° omni-directional identification, and the identification accuracy rate is 99.96%. All ecological AI provides full scene services. Skyworth A5 is not only the commander of TV but also the smart family, covering 100 kinds of full scene services, including 8 rounds of dialogue, 6 major dialects, voice search map, Baidu, star, shopping, tourism, etc. as long as you say what you want, Skyworth A5 can answer. Convenient operation is the beginning of an ideal smart life. Access to 5000 domestic brands of multi category home appliances, intelligent control of smart home ecological products, make TV become a large screen smart home control center, imagine smart home experience.

Changhong 65d8p Pro adopts drilling and cutting ultra-thin full lamination technology, and has no frame and comprehensive screen to create a stronger sense of immersion. With 4K level resolution and Dolby vision amp; HDR 10 technology, you can restore the true color, details and dynamics of the movie. So that you can enjoy the quality of the cinema at home. The 4096 level lattice light control technology also makes the image quality processing more refined. The TV also has built-in Dolby vision film and television zone to bring more shocking visual films to users.

as the first smart screen product, Changhong 65d8p Pro has four extreme experiences. It includes the extremely intelligent control function, the extremely intelligent communication function, the extremely intelligent transmission function and the extremely intelligent play function. And it can also be used as an intelligent ecological central control system through alot global interconnection technology. Connect the mainstream IOT equipment to Changhong 65d8p pro. The operation of intelligent device can be completed by voice command. Equipped with the 7th generation AI intelligent voice system, users can also name wake-up words according to their own preferences, so that the intelligence is no longer unchanged. Straight screen S20! Samsung Galaxy S20 Fe exposure: 1Hz high brush + snapdragon 865

Author: zmhuaxia