Chang’e-5 meets the public for the first time with the exhibition display of Beijing Winter Olympic Games

On December 21, the handover ceremony of chang’e-5 carrying Beijing Winter Olympic exhibition display was held in Shougang office area of Beijing Winter Olympic Organizing Committee. The flag, emblem and mascot of Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games and winter Paralympic Games, which completed the lunar journey, met the public for the first time. On December 17, chang’e-5 returned to China for the first time after 23 days in space. At the same time, the chang’e-5 probe also carried one side of the International Olympic Committee flag, one side of the International Paralympic Committee flag, one side of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games and one side of the winter Paralympic Games flag, two pairs of emblem, one pair of mascot hand-held and two pairs of mascot badge. These Winter Olympic exhibition products are the most representative, the most concerned, and the most able to explain the concept and vision of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games and the winter Paralympic Games. < p > < p > Zhang Jiandong, vice mayor of Beijing and executive vice chairman of Beijing Organizing Committee for Winter Olympics, and Wu Yanhua, deputy director of the National Space Administration, jointly unveiled the demonstration of chang’e-5 carrying Beijing Winter Olympics. The handover ceremony also showed videos of the Winter Olympic exhibits loaded into and removed from the detector. Liu Yongde, chief engineer of the National Space Administration, said that the successful completion of the mission of chang’e-5 carrying the exhibition objects of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games has realized the perfect integration of Aerospace Science and technology and Winter Olympic culture, which is a favorable support for China’s aerospace and sports to join hands and promote China to become a powerful aerospace and sports country. Han Zirong, full-time vice chairman and Secretary General of BOCOG, said that after 23 days in space, chang’e-5 successfully completed China’s first unmanned lunar sampling return mission. This achievement is a vivid portrayal of the lunar spirit of pursuing dreams, daring to explore, working together to tackle difficult problems and win-win cooperation. It is highly consistent with the higher, faster and stronger Olympic spirit, and also inspires everyone’s confidence and determination to further concentrate on running the Winter Olympics. In July this year, the two sides signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement to carry out cooperation in major space projects. This time, the chang’e-5 probe carried the Winter Olympic exhibition display items such as the flag, emblem and mascot, and sent the Winter Olympic logo to the moon and smoothly returned to the Organizing Committee of the Winter Olympic Games. This is a major achievement of strategic cooperation, creating a model for the integration and innovation of Olympic Culture and Aerospace Science and technology. In the next step, these Winter Olympics exhibits will bring “blessings” from space to meet people all over the world, attracting more attention and support from all walks of life, including the vast number of space enthusiasts. ” < / P > < p > BOCOG plans to publicize and display the exhibition materials of Beijing Winter Olympic Games in BOCOG exhibition halls and relevant venues, and to publicize Beijing Winter Olympic Games, winter ice and snow sports and knowledge of science and technology and space for the public, especially teenagers, through holding relevant cultural activities. Science Discovery