Cheap is the king Jingdong start, less than 2K, there is a discount of 100 yuan

Mobile phone brand competition has become more intense, and there are many products competing at all prices. However, mobile phones are updated quickly. It is not so “economic” to always buy “flagship” products. Low price products can be bought in less than 2K, and there are also preferential benefits. Let’s have a look. < p > < p > glory 30 Youth Edition is a product with the right price. It is equipped with a 90hz refresh rate and 180hz touch sampling rate screen, which has a good smooth feeling. It has a 48 million pixel four camera, which makes AI shooting more beautiful, and the 4000mAh large battery also has good endurance. < / P > < p > realme V5 is also a good product, which can be directly “taken off” in less than 2K. It also uses a 90hz refresh rate, 180hz touch sampling rate screen, and a rear four camera. It also has a good layout in terms of shooting. The 5000mAh large battery reduces the anxiety of battery life. < / P > < p > at present, in Jingdong, the new product of realme V5 has a discount of 100 yuan, which can be directly “taken” at a lower price. < / P > < p > redmi K30 is also a product with a reasonable price. It uses a 120Hz refresh rate screen, and it is competitive at this price. It has 64 million pixels and four cameras. AI generates video subtitles and matches subtitles while shooting. In addition, 4500mAh battery and battery life need not be worried. What are the friends who like this product waiting for? Order now and enjoy it. Skip to content