Chen Kai: searching up and down in the interconnection of all things

Born in June 1986, new president of lierda technology group. He has studied in Sweden and the United Kingdom, and obtained bachelor’s degree in computer and artificial intelligence from University of Nottingham and master’s degree from Exeter University. < / P > < p > he has won the honorary titles of 2014 top ten brand building entrepreneurs in the electronic industry, and the top ten annual figures of China Electronics Industry in 2016. Follow the trend of industrial development and national policy. For, is to seize the opportunity to find a point to play their own advantages, into their own value. < p > < p > the favorite color of Chen Kai, President of lierda technology group, is white and light blue. This is also the main color of the company’s logo. When the two are combined together, it is like looking up at the sky. The clear sky in midsummer is full of infinite vitality. < p > < p > we are born in the sun, and always keep vigorous and vigorous in the belief of “interconnection of all things”. This is Chen Kai’s business objectives for the company. With the advent of 5g era, he saw that a kind of intelligent world full of moving, connected with things and extremely imaginary is no longer a garden in his dream. He is like a gardener with a blueprint. He cultivates fertile soil, conceives creativity, and sharpens the team. He is determined to inject the powerful energy of the Internet of things into all walks of life, and step by step to realize the prosperity of the Internet of things. < p > < p > he is the second generation of Wen Shang, and his father Chen Xianxing started his business in the year of his birth. Chen kaiminrui’s business sense has been cultivated through his childhood experience and the study of natural principles. At present, the new infrastructure with the fifth generation mobile communication technology as the main starting point is in full swing. 5g, like the light at dawn, lights up the future of the Internet of things. Chen Kai keeps a close eye on the forefront of the industry every day, and feels that his vision and direction are becoming increasingly clear: the Internet of things will usher in a new wind due to 5g! < / P > < p > “in the near future, when we look back at the significance of 5g for the Internet of things, we will come to the same conclusion as 4G is now for the mobile Internet. It will be subversive.” He saw that 5g industry-level applications will soon usher in an explosion, and the industrial field will be the most important application scenario of the Internet of things. Many factories are looking for a low threshold, flexible, fast and efficient way of equipment networking by virtue of ultra-high speed, low delay and wide connection 5g network. < / P > < p > in order to solve the factory pain point, Chen Kai decided that the company’s first product to enter 5g was to make 5g industrial gateway, a terminal device that can directly embed various factory equipment, send and receive 5g signals. < p > < p > < p > confirmed, and then set out immediately. Chen Kai, together with the company’s marketing team, has actively cooperated with Huawei. With the company’s technical accumulation in wireless communication field for many years, he has led the company’s technical team to focus on the high-speed interface technologies required by 5g networks such as type-C, USB 3.0 and Gigabit Ethernet network port. After two months of breakthrough, lierda has successfully captured the “first mountain” in 5g industry gateway. < / P > < p > in 2013, the second year after Chen Kai took charge of the wireless business unit of lierda group, a data transmission technology “Lora” with ultra long distance, low power consumption and mainly for Internet of things applications came out. He quickly organized a team to conquer the core technology, develop Lora modules, gateways and applications, and seize the market until it reached the top First, in 2017, the narrow-band Internet of things (IOT) technology based on cellular network was emerging, and only by walking on multiple legs can we go for a long time. Chen Kai did not hesitate to push “lierda” into this new technology field. Now, the company’s nb-lot module market share ranks first in the world. < / P > < p > seize the opportunity and follow the trend. Chen Kai said that this is his strategic secret of pushing the enterprise forward again and again, “start at dawn and sprint in the direction of light, and the sunlight will naturally illuminate your whole body.” < p > < p > < p > < p > “lierda” was initially established in Hangzhou, taking the position of electronic component trader and agent. In 2005, it began to explore its own technology and product research and development. When Chen Kai took over the management of the wireless department in 2012, the annual output value of the company’s IOT product plate was more than 10 million yuan, and it was highly dependent on large customers whose orders accounted for more than 80%. < / P > < p > in the eyes of colleagues and subordinates, Chen Kai has a bold and optimistic decision-making style, which also makes the company in the field of Internet of things application and development full of vitality. Today, the annual output value of IOT products of lierda group has risen to more than 400 million yuan, accounting for nearly 40% of the group’s annual operating income. A “garden” of the Internet of things belonging to “lierda” has come into view, and Chen Kai is the “garden owner” who carefully arranges and plants flowers and grasses. < / P > < p > “when judging whether a project is worth doing, I always like to think about the good side. I often choose to ignore some risks because I value some highlights and decide to try boldly.” The company will invest more than 60 million yuan every year to develop new products. As the person in charge of the company’s “business opportunity evaluation group”, the product team will submit about 30 key project plans to Chen Kai every year. After listening to the professional opinions of all parties, he will take charge of “life and death”. The approval rate of these projects is as high as 98%. < / P > < p > “about 30 large projects can generate 6700 small projects, and more than 40% of them can achieve profit and mass production, and the final incubation success rate is about 30% Chen kaixiao said that such a “pass through rate” is not too high, but it is in the process of “spreading the Internet of things” that enables them to spread the energy of the emerging technology of the Internet of things to various industries. < / P > < p > today, the company’s customers are all over the fields of intelligent medical treatment, intelligent security, intelligent appliances, and so on. The close cooperation partners include the three major operators IBM, Huawei, Alibaba cloud and other digital economy giants. “On the way to the interconnection of all things, many industries will join hands with the Internet of things to usher in the outbreak. If we are in it, we can seize the opportunity in the first place. ” Chen Kai said. < / P > < p > he plans to continue to deepen the IOT field, continuously absorb new technologies, iterate more modular IOT applications, further penetrate the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain through joint ventures and acquisitions, and further develop from the IOT communication module manufacturer to an industry leader providing end-to-end IOT application solutions. < / P > < p > “my father’s generation started their business with courage. Standing on their shoulders, I need to run faster and learn more methodology and theoretical system to meet the challenges in the future.” At present, how to build a strong mechanism, optimize rules, and stimulate the driving force of the team has become Chen Kai’s thinking topic. < / P > < p > in order to improve the business success rate of R & D projects, he once led the company’s executives to sign up for Huawei’s closed learning class of IPD system. After learning, he launched the whole company’s practice and built a process system suitable for itself. Since May, an IPD reform has been launched in the company. Recently, he invited a professional team to make a special team building plan. In early August, he would take the company’s executives to Hainan to learn how to overcome the difficulties encountered in the process of team cooperation and enhance mutual understanding. < / P > < p > “the company can’t go further without a team that can fight.” Standing at the height of the president of the company, Chen Kai has never realized the importance of the team. At the age of 8, he left his parents to attend a boarding private school. When he was less than 18, he went to Europe to study alone. Until he was 26, he returned home with his luggage. During this period, he only talked with his father twice. Independence has become the brand of Chen Kai’s character. After taking over the president of a professional personality test, let him realize: he usually pay too little attention to others! < / P > < p > “this result has a big impact on me.” Chen said frankly that he is actively trying to change in recent months. He began to organize group building, participate in dinners, and deliver fruit snacks to employees Almost never done before, will do now, as much as possible to enhance the interaction and communication with the company team. “Only when you know yourself and your enemy can we move forward together.” Continue ReadingYueshang group has become the third social e-commerce service platform listed in China after being gathered in pinduoduo