Chen ou: I’m looking forward to proving myself

In 2012, in Jumei Youpin’s advertising film, the sentence “I will prove whose era this is” made people remember Chen ou with some sharp edges. Five years later, he did another thing he was not optimistic about – investing in a shared powerbank. He said: I’m still looking forward to proving myself. < / P > < p > in May 2017, Chen Ou announced that Jumei Youpin would invest 300 million yuan to share the power of Dianbao street. Later, Wang Sicong set up a flag in his circle of friends: “if the sharing power bank can make me eat Xiang, I will set up a post as a proof.” However, most people are not optimistic about the feasibility of sharing the power bank. They think that the service life of mobile phones will become more and more strong, and the shared power bank is a pseudo demand, which is destined to become the product of the previous era. It is not without reason that < / P > < p > is calm. During that time, Chen Ou had been in Shenzhen, inspecting the factories and supply chain of the shared power bank. He felt that the mobile phone battery technology could not achieve a breakthrough development in five years, and there was still a lot of room for imagination in the shared power bank industry. Moreover, at that time, the street power has obtained all invention patents of the cabinet shared power bank, and the future battlefield belongs to the street power. < / P > < p > the development of things is similar to Chen Ou’s expectation. Although major manufacturers hope to produce super durable mobile phones, better mobile phone configuration usually means greater power consumption, and the iteration speed of mobile phone battery seems to never meet people’s needs. For example, the upcoming iPhone 12 series is equipped with a high refresh rate screen and 5g network support. However, the battery capacity does not rise but falls, and the overall shrinkage makes the battery life more challenging. < / P > < p > in such a high-frequency demand, the shared power bank has rapidly penetrated into every corner of people’s lives, covering shopping malls, restaurants, airports, leisure and entertainment and other mainstream consumption scenarios. By the end of 2019, the total number of street power users has exceeded 200 million. < p > < p > < p > Moby was collected, and there was a chicken feather left in ofo. The shared umbrella, shared washing machine and shared basketball rack that were once sought after for a short time also disappeared. After the carnival, the market rapidly cooled down. The once unpopular shared power bank became one of the few survivors after the upsurge dissipated. Time has proved Chen Ou’s insistence that the flamboyant boy would stand up and say something, but he didn’t. His micro blog has become visible only for half a year, with only a few raffle messages left. Chen Ou is still eager to prove himself, but this time, no longer need who to witness. < p > < p > as early as the early stage of Jumei premium products’ listing, Chen Ou realized that the development of integrated e-commerce would continue to erode the vertical market share, and he wanted to find sustainable development in new fields. < p > < p > he once said that not every project can be completed. The success of starting a business is a small probability event. No longer attached to the results of his, but never stop the pace of departure. < p > < p > in the eyes of the outside world, Chen Ou is involved in a wide range of industries. He enters the film and television industry at one time, and tests the maternal and infant community at the other. However, only Chen Ou knows the deep thinking behind “recklessness”. The diversified development of Jumei products not only needs to choose the right track, but also race against time. < p > < p > sunshine always favors the diligent. Baobabushu of jumeilingtou submitted its prospectus to the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in 2018, and then its valuation soared. The TV series it shot won the first real-time TV ratings of four networks in China on its first broadcast. Street TV, which focuses on training, quickly ranks first in the industry. < / P > < p > the market has once again verified Chen Ou’s conjecture that vertical e-commerce will inevitably decline, and many popular vertical e-commerce platforms have gradually disappeared from people’s vision, while Jumei has completed its transformation to the field of fashion technology, further consolidating its own moat. ASMC, a lithography maker, was one of TSMC’s 14 top suppliers last year