Children’s safety parents rest assured to give children the most comprehensive protection 360 children’s watch S2 pilot exploration version

360 children’s watch has been used by children at home. Not only the children are very satisfied with its performance, but also their families are very satisfied with it. Now, it not only accompanies the growth of children, brings children happiness, but also lets children learn a lot of knowledge. At the same time, its function is constantly upgrading and improving, and its role is getting better and better. Its latest 360 children’s watch pilot discovery has recently been released, and children are lucky to be able to experience it for the first time. < / P > < p > when the child used the first 360 children’s watch, he was still a second grade child. Now he is a middle school student who has just entered junior high school. No matter how old the child is, he is still a child in the eyes of our parents, and his safety every move still touches my heart all the time. As the child grows up, the 360 phone watch that has been with him for 4 years should also be upgraded. This 360 children’s watch pilot exploration version is really timely. < / P > < p > the packaging of the watch gives people a brand-new feeling. The packing box of the watch is made of hexagonal iron box, which is novel in shape, which is in line with the positioning of children’s watch. The printing pattern of mecha camouflage is very personalized, which is very in line with children’s aesthetic style and needs. From the outside package to seize the child’s heart. < / P > < p > the appearance design and materials of the new watch have been updated. The main body of the watch is wrapped with high-precision soft TPU material, and the camouflage coating is very personalized. The two colors amber yellow and cowpea red are just in line with the choice of boys and girls, but also very consistent with the gender personality of children. The design of this watch can be summed up in one word: cool. It’s cool for boys and girls. In addition to the cool appearance design, the wearing design of the watch is also paid attention to. The color contrast design of the wristband, the wear resistance of the flexible wristband against the skin, and the unique groove drilling design ensure that the wearer is comfortable and breathable. < / P > < p > we all know that children are hyperactive, and the risk of accidental drop or collision of the watch they wear is extremely high. The high-precision soft TPU material protective case is higher than the watch screen, which can protect the watch screen from accidental drop and cause screen fragmentation, reduce the use risk and effectively protect the watch. < / P > < p > since the new watch is the pilot exploration version, its configuration must be top-notch. The 1.52 inch screen display is extremely delicate. The original use of the retina screen is very clear and delicate. We can see this with the naked eye. < / P > < p > the watch also innovates the design of dual camera, 500W pixel ultra clear dual camera, to meet the curiosity of children. The camera on the front of the watch is used to record interesting self, and the camera on the side records the novel world. < / P > < p > the side of the watch is fully utilized. The left side is the external horn hole, the bottom side is the SIM tray interface, and the right side is the home page / alarm button. Each side of the watch is perfectly used. The sound of the loudspeaker is loud and clear, and the effect of the external loudspeaker is very good. < / P > < p > the watch not only has innovation in the camera, but also has a qualitative leap in other aspects. In fact, the watch has built-in Android system, which you can’t imagine. 4GB storage, 512MB storage, the system has a variety of functions, and the operation and use do not have any feeling of being stuck. The use experience is very smooth. < / P > < p > the watch supports 4G network of China Mobile, China Unicom and China Telecom, as well as 4G video call function. The built-in 1000mah super large battery, even if using 4G network, the watch will not appear an embarrassing experience of charging every day. In actual use, it is charged every 3-5 days. Compared with the performance of other similar watches, the S2 of 360 children’s watch has a good endurance. < / P > < p > of course, charging is not a troublesome thing. The watch is equipped with a 1-meter long magnetic suction charging wire. The charging contact on the back of the watch and the magnetic suction charging base can be easily absorbed and charged. The design of the magnetic suction is not only convenient, but also can be operated blindly, so charging becomes very simple. < / P > < p > introduces the basic configuration of the watch, and I can’t wait to have a real experience. The first is the comfort and beauty of watch wearing. The watch can be worn by one hand, and the double hole wristband is more firmly worn. The color matching of camouflage is more beautiful and personalized. It’s really cool. < / P > < p > for 360 children’s watch, what I most agree with is its positioning function. It not only has accurate positioning, but also has historical track to find. It can query 30 days’ historical track information, and can dynamically play the movement route of historical track, so as to clearly know the children’s moving track, and it is very accurate. Not only outdoor can accurately record, even indoor can record the track clearly. < / P > < p > what I didn’t expect was that S2 children’s watch also has 3D positioning function. Especially in complex scenes like shopping malls, combined with mobile phone app, it can accurately locate the equipment on the floor where children are in the mall. Through actual experience, it is found that this function really works, and each floor can accurately locate the exact location. < / P > < p > in addition to the precise positioning function, the mobile app can also remotely take photos, listen to the baby, set up the address book, watch management, etc. Can operate and manage the watch in the mobile app end, to give children a full range of protection. Through remote photographing, you can take a picture of the watch end in silence and send it back to the mobile phone in real time; listen to the baby, you can dial the watch and connect the phone in silence, and monitor the situation around the children; while the address book is set to dial the children’s Watch only by the phone in the address book; watch management is to set the watch in a deeper level. < / P > < p > the camera function of the watch is also more interesting. The built-in magic effect plug-in can take all kinds of funny pictures. In addition, I found that the fight against * * and the beauty function have made my middle-aged uncle a young man.

mentioned earlier that watches are built in Android system, so watches can of course install all kinds of applications. 360 contention for the characteristics of children’s watches, has developed a variety of watches suitable for applications, not just social classes such as QQ, and payment Alipay. In particular, for children’s learning related applications, such as: Xinhua Dictionary, Badi dictionary, teaching materials, stories and so on, more than a dozen applications related to learning are very intimate. < / P > < p > badilon growth system is a major feature of 360 children’s watch, and has become the spokesperson of children’s watch. The funny badilon cartoon image is deeply rooted in children’s heart. They can talk with him and do tasks at any time. Children constantly learn new knowledge in the process of education and fun, and constantly grow up. At the same time, they also cultivate good habits. Badilon has become a very close child Good company. The year 2020 is an extraordinary year. The epidemic situation has changed many of our inherent things, habits and forms. Children play online classes because of the epidemic, and the surrounding intelligent digital devices have played a huge role, and this more intelligent S2 phone watch can not only protect children’s safety, but also act as a mentor and friend to supplement the children’s knowledge base. It’s really great. < / P > < p > during the period of using the watch, children have been very satisfied with it. The English and Chinese textbooks, Xinhua Dictionary, English Dictionary and other applications in his study helped him a lot. If you have any questions, you can get satisfactory answers by asking badilon. < / P > < p > in addition, the watch has a waterproof function of 20 meters, so it has not been able to carry out the actual swimming test. However, it is not removed when washing hands when wearing it, and there is no problem after soaking in water for several times, which indicates that the waterproof performance of S2 telephone watch is not a little problem. < / P > < p > as a telephone watch with such powerful functions and excellent performance, does it have any shortcomings or deficiencies. Put forward two points of my humble opinion, hope to improve the watch to help. < / P > < p > 2. I hope to be able to join the card swiping function. Children should take the bus when they go to school and school. If they can, they can take one less bus card. < / P > < p > if you have any questions or opinions on this watch, please leave a message for discussion, so that the S2 exploration pilot version of this 360 children’s watch will play a greater role. Science Discovery