China Fund News: Microsoft cut off supply has no impact on most people, don’t listen to the wind is rain

Due to the tense Sino US relations, the tiktok incident has become a hot topic in the past two days, and every move of multinational enterprises has been amplified and interpreted. On the 9th, a news about Microsoft was widely spread. What is the truth? On August 9, it was circulated on the Internet that Microsoft updated the Microsoft Service Agreement on its official website, stating that if Microsoft is unable to perform or delay in performing its obligations due to force majeure, Microsoft will not assume any responsibility or obligation. The agreement took effect on October 1. < / P > < p > B. Microsoft shall not be liable or liable for any failure or delay in performance of its obligations due to circumstances beyond Microsoft’s reasonable control. Microsoft will do its best to reduce the impact of these events and fulfill its obligations not affected. Other services. When you use all other services in accordance with these terms, you will enter into a contract with Microsoft Corporation, and these terms will be governed by the laws of the state of Washington, whether or not there is a conflict of law principles. The state court or federal court in golden County, Washington has non exclusive jurisdiction. < / P > < p > in the view of some people, it means that if the U.S. government forbids Microsoft to provide services to Chinese institutions or individuals, Microsoft needs to comply with and will not give compensation. The services provided by Microsoft may also be terminated due to local laws in the United States. According to the background of recent Sino US relations, some people interpret these terms as “leaving a way for Microsoft” to “leave a way” for itself, and it is about to cut off its supply to China without any compensation. < / P > < p > according to media reports, there is an over interpretation of the matter on the Internet in terms of the key agreement update time. This “no responsibility” clause has been issued at least on July 1, 2019. It is not because of the emergency measures taken by Microsoft to prevent the wave and its own measures taken by the trump government to suppress tiktok and wechat recently, but a conventional way for multinational companies to avoid political risks in actual business operations. After all, the US did not launch sanctions in the near future.

and this agreement is not only aimed at Chinese mainland, but also in the British version of last year’s agreement, which contains the contents of “law and government order”. < / P > < p > in the limitation of liability option in the Microsoft Service Agreement, it is true that “Microsoft does not assume any responsibility or obligation for failure or delay in performing its obligations due to circumstances beyond the reasonable control of Microsoft. Microsoft will do its best to reduce the impact of these events and fulfill the unaffected obligations. < / P > < p > but in fact, this is not the latest agreement of Microsoft. The text expression is completely consistent with the content released by Microsoft on July 1, 2019. It is also understood that Microsoft has quoted relevant expressions at least in 2016. < / P > < p > in addition, there are 14 new contents in the updated service agreement of Microsoft, but most of them are the changes of relevant business line content regulations, and similar expressions such as “do not support Windows services” are not found. < / P > < p > according to netizens’ analysis, Microsoft’s interruption of supply is the most fearless thing for several major US technology giants. Take a look at the revenue composition of Microsoft. At present, the largest public cloud is azure. However, this business has not entered the ranks of mainstream suppliers in China. You can see the report of partner Century Internet. The second is office products and related cloud services, and finally windows. If Microsoft cut off the supply, the worst case is that there is no sense of existence in China. Azure will close down completely, office will return to the era of “free” version of single machine, and windows will return to the era of “free”. Young people don’t know how many public relations actions Microsoft made in order to promote the legalization. If Microsoft dares to cut off the supply, it will have no impact on most people. Don’t follow the wind and rain. < p > < p > on August 9, the official account of byte skipping issued a statement saying that recently, the rumor that “data privacy of 700 million Chinese users is behind tiktok” has been widely spread in station B. Here, we would like to clarify as follows: tiktok is a short video application for overseas market under byte skipping, which will not involve domestic user data in the product operation process. We reserve the right to investigate and investigate the legal responsibility for the rumors spread by station B and the relevant creators, which cause public sentiment. < / P > < p > tiktok’s questionable data collection behavior has always been the routine practice of thousands of mobile applications around the world. We have made it clear that tiktok has never shared user data with the Chinese government and has never reviewed content on request. In fact, we have disclosed our audit policy and algorithm source code through the establishment of a transparency center, and no similar technology company has committed to such a responsibility. Last weekend, U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven mnuchin and white house senior trade adviser Peter Navarro had a heated argument over tiktok related topics in the Oval Office, according to a report on August 9. And trump was watching. According to people familiar with the matter, Mr. mnuchin insisted at the time that tiktok should be sold to an American company. Mr. mnuchin has talked with Microsoft executives many times, and he believes he has gained support within the White House for Microsoft’s acquisition of tiktok. However, Navarro immediately counterattacked, demanding a total ban on tiktok and accusing mnuchin of being too “moderate and weak” towards China. People familiar with the matter said Mr. mnuchin appeared surprised by Navarro’s remarks. < / P > < p > a former US government official described to the media, “I think Trump’s instinct is to be aggressive towards China”, “and Navarro is like the devil on Trump’s shoulders, saying,” just do it, do it. ” Mr. mnuchin is more like a governor trying to slow things down – he might think, “what about Wall Street? What about the second stage? ” < / P > < p > in the past few days, Trump’s attitude toward tiktok has been volatile. At the end of July, trump threatened to ban tiktok and said he did not want us companies to buy tiktok. As a result, the acquisition negotiations between Microsoft and tiktok were once suspended. < p > < p > on August 6, after allowing the acquisition negotiations between Microsoft and tiktok to continue, trump signed an administrative order requiring tiktok not to sell assets in the United States within 45 days. According to CNN, the row between Mr. mnuchin and Mr. Navarro took place just before the executive order was signed. Recently, the trump administration has been suppressing tiktok and forcing it to sell assets on the grounds of so-called “national security”. Tiktok will sue the trump Administration for the ban as soon as next Tuesday, according to people familiar with the matter, NPR said. < / P > < p > NPR said tiktok would charge in the prosecution that Trump’s direct signing of the executive order was suspected of violating the U.S. Constitution because it did not give tiktok any chance to respond. In addition, the prosecution alleges that the “national security reasons” cited by the trump administration in the executive order are groundless. gather and watch! Huawei P40 Pro evaluation: excellent mobile phone photography elegant design, do you like it?

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