China has become the focus of western countries, and the completion time of Tiangong is determined. American netizens can’t wait

Since 1961, when Gagarin, the first human astronaut, went into space, human beings began to explore space. From the first astronaut into space to the first astronaut to land on the moon, human beings continue to expand their living space in space. Scientists all over the world have put forward plans to establish space stations in space. In this way, the establishment of a base in space will greatly facilitate astronauts’ life and exploration activities in space. < / P > < p > as the largest space platform currently in orbit, the international space station is jointly constructed by 16 countries. After nearly 20 years of operation and service, this once representative of the most advanced space technology product of mankind is also facing the danger of being eliminated. In recent years, the international space station (ISS) has experienced frequent minor failures, especially the air leakage incident in 2019 and August this year, which has led to doubts about the safety of the space station. < / P > < p > although these faults have been solved in time after exposure, they still arouse the aviation industry’s vigilance. Some experts are optimistic that the space station will have to be abandoned after four years of operation. At present, western countries do not have enough resources and capacity to support the construction of the second international space station and maintain its daily operation. As a result, western countries began to look for alternative space platforms to the international space station. It has been reported that in recent years, China has been trying to build its own space station, and the space station, which is highly expected by the Chinese people, has also received good news. Since 2011, China has officially launched the Tiangong-1 space satellite, opening the pace of building a space home in China. Over the years, China’s Tiangong program has progressed smoothly. At present, it plans to complete the on orbit construction plan through 11 missions in 2021-2022, paving the way for the complete completion of the space station. By 2022, China’s Tiangong space station will be officially put into operation. This news has undoubtedly attracted the attention of western countries and become the focus of the world. < / P > < p > in Chinese folktales, there are many stories and legends about space, which convey China’s heart of exploring the unknown world overhead. China’s self built space station is named after Tiangong, which is more about the dream and vision of China for thousands of years. Looking back on the development history of China’s space industry for decades, from having nothing to independent research and development, from backward and old to the world’s forefront, all of which contain the sweat and ideals of countless Chinese spacemen, the national spirit handed down from generation to generation in China, and the direction and pursuit of the space world. Continue Reading865 optimization is different? These mobile phones should teach you a lesson!