China Internet network security report in 2019 released by national Internet Emergency Center

On August 11, 2020, the national Internet Emergency Response Center officially released. Since 2008, CNCERT has continued to compile and release the annual report on China’s Internet network security. Relying on CNCERT’s network security monitoring, early warning and emergency response for many years, it makes an overall judgment and trend analysis on China’s Internet network security, which has important reference value. The series of reports provide regulatory support for government departments, provide technical support for operation and management of Internet enterprises, popularize Internet network security knowledge to the public, and play a positive role in improving the network security awareness of the whole society and the whole people. < p > < p > summarizes and analyzes CNCERT’s own network security monitoring data and data submitted by CNCERT network security emergency service support unit, which has important reference value, covering China’s Internet network security situation analysis, network security monitoring data analysis, network security case details, network security policy and technology trends, etc. Among them, the report makes an in-depth and detailed analysis of the spread and activities of computer malicious programs, the spread and activities of mobile Internet malicious programs, website security monitoring, DDoS attack monitoring, security vulnerability early warning and disposal, and network security incident receiving and processing, and makes a special introduction to typical network security events in 2019. In addition, the report summarizes the development of network security organizations in China and the important activities held by CNCERT at home and abroad. Finally, the report forecasts the hot issues of network security in 2020. New product launch

Author: zmhuaxia