China Mobile announced that China 5g officially entered the “fast track”! America is in a hurry

When it comes to 5g technology, compared with 4G network, the speed improvement is only the most boring application of 5g. 5g brings more than speed improvement, higher bandwidth and lower delay. Higher efficiency means that 5g network will raise the dimension of the whole mobile Internet to another height. Let’s be frank, for example, the difference between 2D animation and 3D animation. In 1g era, we can only make calls with poor call quality. In 2G era, we can start to send SMS. 3G era has opened the era when we can surf the Internet with a small mobile phone We can start live broadcast and watch video online anytime and anywhere. What can 5g bring? That is the interconnection of all things! What more convenient VR and Internet speed are all trivial. The arrival of 5g will really lead to the fourth industrial revolution and further liberate the productive forces. However, Huawei 5g of China directly leads the global 5g construction standards and ranks first in the world. This can frighten the United States, because although the United States has already started the research and development of 5g, it has been overtaken by Huawei, a latecomer. The United States is really afraid of this technology that even the United States has not mastered. Therefore, it has tried every means to impose sanctions on Huawei in an attempt to slow down the progress of science and technology in China. However, once large industrial countries start their industrial capacity, the consequences will be serious and terrible, especially in the fields of infrastructure construction and scientific research. Up to now, China has more than 66 million 5g users, and more than 400000 5g base stations have been built by China’s three major operators, far more than that of western countries and European countries. < / P > < p > just when the United States has not completed the deployment of 5g R & D and is trying to slow down China’s 5g construction, another good news comes from China. Is the United States really lagging behind? China Mobile, one of the three largest telecom operators in China, has officially announced that it has taken the lead in launching and fully deploying the “5g +” plan! China’s 5g layout has entered an “outbreak period”. This news also announced that China’s 5g officially entered the “fast track”! < / P > < p > according to the news from the top leadership of China Mobile, China Mobile is not only accelerating the construction speed of 5g base station, but also accelerating the speed and strengthening the R & D speed and promotion of 5g supporting applications. The significance of “5g +” is to make China not only keep the world leading in 5g construction, but also keep priority over the water of other countries in 5g application Ping. < / P > < p > at present, in terms of 5g ecological construction, more than 2100 partners have signed strategic cooperation agreements with China Mobile, continuously launched 10 billion ecological introduction plan and 10 billion sharing plan, provided heavy help in R & D funds, and stimulated the construction of the entire 5g ecological chain through the strength of capital. In fact, to be fair to say, China’s 5g network deployment and planning time is later than that of the United States, but we all know that the United States can dominate the world by two things, the US dollar and the military. Therefore, in the initial 5g planning, the United States mistakenly gave all the medium and low-end bands to the U.S. military for use. Although it does have a great military advantage, the United States must spend more time and energy on the research and development of 5g in the high-frequency band. However, Huawei is keen to select the more practical and more conducive to the promotion and application of 5g R & D and construction of medium and low-end frequency bands. Therefore, compared with the same period of the same period, the growth and decline of Huawei in the United States is too heavy, although it started early, Huawei in China has a light burden. It is also the so-called that the small boat is good at turning the rudder, and the big ship is difficult to turn around. Therefore, the 5g of the United States was overtaken by Huawei in a corner, and won the first honor in the world. Older posts →