China Mobile qiaohui: building an integrated operation service system based on cat. 1

“China Mobile cat. 1 online seminar summit” was held online recently. The conference shared and discussed LTE cat. 1’s technical characteristics, network coverage and planning, modules and chips, blockchain +, terminal products, solutions and application cases, and explored the opportunities and future of LTE cat. 1. At the meeting, Qiao Hui, general manager of China Mobile Internet of things, said that in recent years, China has vigorously promoted the new infrastructure strategy, accelerated the construction of new infrastructure such as 5g, artificial intelligence and Internet of things, and promoted the development of digital economy. In terms of the development of mobile Internet of things, the Ministry of industry and information technology clearly points out that it is necessary to establish a comprehensive ecosystem of mobile Internet of things with the coordinated development of Nb IOT, 4G and 5g. Among them, Nb IOT and 4G cat. 1, as carriers of Internet of things applications with medium and low rates, have become the key technologies to promote the integration of industry and digital economy. In order to promote the development of the Internet of animals, China Mobile actively implements the national new infrastructure strategy and speeds up the forging of 5g + IOT capability. At present, China Mobile has formed a core competence system of cloud, network, edge and end, which can provide diversified and differentiated products and services for various vertical industries. < / P > < p > in the field of cat. 1, China Mobile Internet of things Co., Ltd. launched its own brand of cat. 1 module onemo ml302, and integrated with onenet platform, Onelink platform, oneos operating system and Internet of things security and other independent core products and services to create an integrated operation service system based on cat. 1 technology. < / P > < p > in order to better enable the digital transformation and development of medium and low-speed industries, based on cat. 1 service system, China Mobile Internet of things Co., Ltd. creates scenario based application solutions for sharing, financial payment, industrial control, Internet of vehicles and other fields, and will provide high cost-effective products and services for its partners. < / P > < p > “single wire does not form a line, and a single tree does not make a forest. The innovation of cat. 1 technology and the development of the whole industry need the joint efforts of industry chain partners.” Qiao Hui said: “China Mobile Internet of things will discuss with all parties in the industry the new momentum and opportunities of cat. 1 industry development under the background of big data era, so as to empower the industry and promote the vigorous development of the Internet of things industry.” C114 communication network= target=_ blank>American companies begin to give up R & D: who should pay for corporate research?