China Railway Trust: transforming soft power of brand culture into hard support for promoting high quality development

Brand culture is the embodiment of the emotional realm of enterprise brand spirit. Over the past 40 years, especially the 15 years since China railway became the owner, China Railway trust has always adhered to the guidance of the party building culture, the integration of China Railway Culture and the inheritance of trust culture. With the value of enterprise culture as the core, it has continuously cultivated, incubated, precipitated, deduced and shaped its own brand culture system, so as to make the brand become the ever stronger soft power of enterprise operation and development, and promote the enterprise’s high quality Quality development. < p > < p > brand culture is the condensation and precipitation of material wealth and spiritual wealth in the process of long-term development history of an enterprise. It is the high integration of customer consumption psychology and value orientation, and the inheritance of spiritual connotation and character of enterprise culture. < p > < p > over the past 40 years, through the unremitting pursuit and efforts of several generations of trustees, brand culture has been accumulating, depositing, evolving and creating in the business development of expanding business areas, expanding marketing, promoting transformation and upgrading, and innovating financial services. It has been pursuing perfection and never stops, offering first-class products, providing first-class services, building first-class teams and building first-class brands, It has created the recognition and loyalty group of China Railway trust brand, released the commercial value and social utility of the brand, promoted the enterprise to radiate vigor and vitality, steady and enterprising, win-win cooperation, and become a shining business card accompanied by customers. Cultural heritage determines the brand positioning. China Railway trust adheres to the integration of China Railway brand culture, actively relies on the brand effect of China Railway, adheres to the brand cultural connotation of “understanding the way, taking advantage of the situation, casting the soul and standing on the body”, focuses on the market and customer demand, makes clear the market separation, builds the trust core competitiveness, bases on the enterprise development and improves the social image, and constantly creates “trust, profession, value” and “stability and service” The brand culture with business characteristics such as “business and sustainability” will improve market share, enhance enterprise competitiveness, enhance marginal return rate, and expand social influence, so as to gradually form China Railway Financial brand personality. < / P > < p > constructed the concept system of brand culture. The company adheres to the guidance of Party building culture, integrates China railway culture, and promotes trust culture. Taking brand house as the carrier, the company strives to build the enterprise tenet of “innovation, efficiency and quality development”, takes “domestic leading and world-class” as its corporate vision, takes “dedication to quality products and improvement of people’s livelihood” as its mission, takes “courage to leap forward and pursue excellence” as its enterprise spirit, and “integrity, dedication, high-quality development” as its corporate spirit With the core value of “co construction and sharing”, the development strategy of “steady innovation and first-class industry”, the brand positioning of “trust, specialty and value”, and the brand personality of “combining innovation and stability”, the brand culture theory with the main connotation of “let the company keep its promise and keep its promise like iron” and “let the wealth grow healthily” is the main connotation of the brand culture Read the system, and create a volume, to become a standard guide for the company’s brand promotion and display. < / P > < p > standardizes VI brand visual identification system. Visual identity design is the most external, the most direct, the most communicable and infectious. The quality of visual design directly affects the market’s cognition of the whole brand. The company has formed through careful building. < / P > < p > unify the image building guidelines of Si brand stores. In order to comprehensively improve the brand image store, in terms of Si space design and creation, according to the actual business environment of the headquarters and the Fortune Center in other places, the standard business hall, the combination of brand logo and logo, the external environment of the front door, business acceptance area, reception area, comprehensive business management area, cultural exhibition area, etc. are designed in depth, and the module layout, material use principle and standard range are defined It is a guiding document for the store construction of China Railway trust. Through the unified brand logo and standardized environmental facilities construction, it clearly shows the cultural connotation and image of the company’s brand, highlights the combination of store logo and slogan, conveys the brand concept, transmits the company’s service tenet, behavior and function to the public, presenting the “steady and honest, healthy growth of wealth” Brand new brand store image, improve the management level of service terminal, enhance the competitiveness of enterprise brand. It is related to the brand management vitality of < / P >. While building the concept system of brand culture, the company has continuously strengthened the management of brand culture, and won a wide range of market, customer and social credit index, relationship index, support index and experience index in the fierce industry competition. The communication, influence and sales force of brand culture are increasing day by day, and the soft power of brand culture is transformed into the hard power of high-quality development Support. < / P > < p > focus on communication culture. The company embeds brand culture into the construction of trust culture, complies with the guidance of supervision on the construction of trust culture, sings the brand power of “being committed to it, keeping faith as iron” in multiple dimensions, fully embodies the core connotation of trust culture of “trustee responsibility”, and reflects the attitude and determination to fulfill the trustee’s five major obligations in the operation and development: “no fault” reflects not to be rash, to be honest, to be honest and to be honest “No less than” reflects the duty of care; impartiality reflects the obligation of fair treatment and separate management of trust property; “keeping faith as iron” embodies the loyalty obligation of not forgetting the original intention and being loyal to the trust. In the past 40 years, the due payment rate of trust products has been maintained at 100%, which has been highly recognized by customers and spread by word of mouth. < / P > < p > focus on brand marketing. Through advertising activities in high net worth crowd gathering places and airport parking lot exits, trust financing can fly into ordinary people’s homes, increase the exposure rate in front of potential customers and enhance brand exposure; carry out knowledge marketing, participate in industry key topic research, accept media interviews, publish professional articles, participate in financial expositions, and hold various wealth activities The brand recognition of new and old customers makes the quality of “iron” shining and deeply rooted in the hearts of the people; it enlivens public relations, actively participates in industry rating and authoritative award selection, and with strong comprehensive strength and outstanding contribution to serve the real economy, it has won many awards such as “China excellent trust company” and “trustworthiness trust. Excellent company”; With stable trust products and intimate exclusive services, it was rated as “Excellent financial management team”, “best financial service brand”, “Sichuan outstanding brand enterprise” and other titles, with the responsibility and responsibility of the central enterprise, won the “National Youth Civilization”, “advanced financial poverty alleviation unit”, “best green finance Award”, “inclusive financial service public social responsibility Award” and “Sichuan top 10 corporate social responsibility” and other honors, maintaining the highest trust industry for five consecutive years High grade A, brand influence continues to expand. < / P > < p > gather media publicity. The company communicates with national authoritative media, integrates local social media, publicizes and reports the company’s party building culture, business development and social responsibility from multiple angles, and continuously improves the social popularity of brand products with the appeal, cohesion and creativity contained in brand culture. < p > < p > focus on social responsibility. In recent years, the company has raised more than 7 million yuan to help the earthquake victims and rebuild their homes. It has raised 3 million yuan to carry out charity activities to help the poor. It has donated more than 5 million yuan to help six poverty-stricken areas inside and outside the province. It has also sent two cadres to take temporary posts to carry out intellectual poverty alleviation. It has launched the first environmental protection charity trust in Sichuan Province with a scale of 7 million yuan 44 environmental protection projects have been funded. During this year’s new epidemic, more than 1 million yuan was donated to support the war epidemic. The first museum series cultural and educational charitable trust in China was launched. Several charitable trusts, such as Hongwen, Mingdao, trust culture construction and targeted poverty alleviation, were successively prepared to support the education, dissemination and research of trust culture of excellent traditional culture, and promote the core socialist values to let traditional culture pass Creative transformation, trust culture through carding and new construction, radiates vitality and vitality, and shows the responsibility of central enterprises. < / P > < p > the company will bravely be the leader of the “three transformations”, combine with the work of the operation and development center, formulate the “14th five year plan” enterprise brand construction plan, take the brand culture as the core, take “one micro, one magazine, one network, one wide, one volume, one piece, one product” as the main carrier, use a variety of resources, build multi platform, adopt various ways, and take brand construction as a help to the enterprise Transformation and upgrading, the realization of “three changes”, focus on “three realization”, so that the power of the brand is full of vigor and vitality, and provides firm confidence and infinite strength for promoting the high-quality development of enterprises. < / P > < p > to improve the understanding of “brand invigorating enterprise”. Brand culture construction is related to the high-quality development and supply side structural reform of enterprises, the image of enterprises and the competitiveness of the industry. It is a strategic, overall and systematic project. It is necessary to strengthen the understanding that brand is the basis for the survival and development of enterprises. It is very important to realize the development strategy and high-quality development goal of financial enterprises with “steady innovation and first-class industry” The meaning of. To improve the understanding of “invigorating the enterprise by brand” and to create the value orientation and enterprise fashion of cultivating brand, striving for brand, shaping brand and caring brand by all staff under the guidance of standardized brand culture concept system. < / P > < p > enhance the action consciousness of “building brand”. Brand building reflects the responsibility of creating value, the ability of resource allocation and the contribution of serving the society. Brand represents the recognition and reputation of the market, represents the value chain and customer group, represents the competitiveness and profit margin, is a report card, a letter of commitment, and a pass. We should vigorously advocate the enterprise spirit of building high-quality brands, let the brand culture take root in the hearts of every employee, run through every product service, and penetrate every value creation chain. We should create a gold lettered signboard of “let the wealth grow healthily” with practical actions. < / P > < p > strengthen the responsibility of “brand service”. Strengthening the awareness of brand service is the internal requirement to meet customers’ consumption demand, the fundamental path to improve people’s livelihood and the inevitable choice to create a better life. Establish management methods for standardized use of brands, continuously standardize the daily use and management of “one piece, one volume, one product”, create good enterprise publicity films, use good brochures, make fine publicity materials, solidify publicity means and methods, comprehensively update the office guidance environment of local wealth service center, and create a brand new brand image. At the same time, advertisements will be issued in the terminal building and high-speed railway station to make the trust products represented by the enterprise brand have “spiritual resonance” with customers, release the infinite charm of the brand, and let customers experience the brand-new charm of China Railway trust brand culture in various scenes. < / P > < p > brand culture is an important part of corporate culture and the soft power of enterprise development. In the past 40 years, along with the development of corporate culture, China Railway trust brand culture has been continuously developed, enriched and improved. It has been singing the mainstream brand value of “sticking to it, keeping faith as iron”, promoting craftsman spirit, planting craftsman culture, striving to build a brand of China Railway trust with industry competitiveness and social popularity, and truly transforming the soft power of brand culture into promoting high-quality development The hard support of the exhibition. < p > < p > the new era endows new tasks with new achievements. The company will grasp the new situation of macroeconomic development