China telecom smart home national advanced research class successfully held in Shanghai

Original title: China telecom smart home national advanced research class successfully held in Shanghai

In order to implement the national medium and long-term talent development plan and promote the construction of professional and technical talent team, according to the 2020 advanced research project plan of the Ministry of human resources and social security on professional and technical talent knowledge renewal project, the “advanced research class of smart family” jointly sponsored by the Ministry of human resources and social security and China Telecom Group and undertaken by China telecom smart home company was held in China Telecom Institute in Shanghai in mid October. Nearly 60 trainees, including professional and technical experts in the field of information technology and smart home, and representatives of senior management personnel from various ministries and provincial government agencies, attended the training.

During the 3.5-day period, the content of the course includes the interpretation and development trend of the smart home industry, the main application scenarios and technology evolution of the smart home, the industrial chain and key technologies of the smart home, the exploration of the business model of the smart home, the core products of the smart home, the big data operation of the smart home, the display of the digital solutions of the smart home, the atomic capability system of the smart home Smart home and network information security, etc.

The teaching of advanced research class is integrated with expert teaching, interactive discussion, on-site visit and other forms, and the theme exhibition of “promoting cloud to digital transformation, building a new ecology of cloud network integration” is set up to vividly show how new technology and new business can open a new life for people and inject new energy into economic development. Combined with the domestic and foreign vision, from the product technology and application, industrial chain development, typical case analysis, multi-dimensional explore the development process and trend of smart home, enrich the application and scene of smart home, help professional and technical personnel to improve the corresponding ability and professional level.

At the graduation ceremony, the students expressed their confidence in the bright future of smart family development, and believed that the holding of Smart Family advanced research class at the key node of the 13th five year plan’s closing year has a strong reference for their own work planning, and will output application thinking in combination with their work fields.

As a pioneer in the field of smart home, China Telecom adheres to the original intention of “serving the people’s better information and new life”, practices the mission of high-quality development, speeds up the construction of digital home, promotes the development of digital economy, strengthens mutual promotion, helps industrial upgrading, better promotes the healthy and rapid development of smart home industry, and promotes the take-off of smart new economy and digital new infrastructure.

(editor in chief: Zhao Chao, LV Qian)