China’s “eye of the sky” locked in the deep space and found 3 billion light-years signal, or from space creatures

The vast and boundless universe makes human beings have great interest in exploration. Many unknown things can not be explained by scientific principles, but these still can not stop human exploration of the universe. With the continuous development of various high and new technologies, many exploration tools have been produced. Human beings can sense things in outer space on the earth and explore the mysteries of them. The most well-known is the astronomical telescope, which can observe the stars in outer space and discover many mysterious things. Of course, in the process of development, China has also joined the ranks of exploring outer space. It has built a 500m spherical radio telescope, which is also the largest single aperture and most sensitive radio telescope in the world. It is known as “China’s eye of the sky” or “fast” for short. As early as 1994, the Chinese astronomer Mr. Nan Rendong put forward the construction idea, which took 22 years to complete and successfully put into operation. < / P > < p > this “sky eye” system is deep in the mountains of Guizhou Province, and its unique geographical environment also makes it play a huge role. As early as last year, the system also detected multiple repeated bursts of rapid radio storms. According to the analysis of experts, this signal came from the depth of the Universe 3 billion light-years away, perhaps from space creatures. < p > < p > fast radio burst is a kind of radio astronomical phenomenon from outside the galaxy. Although the burst time is only a few milliseconds, the energy released is equivalent to that released by the sun in a whole day. At the same time, it also shows extremely high brightness. In human history, this phenomenon was first discovered in 2007. So far, only 18 rapid radio bursts have been detected by astronomers, and most of them are single bursts. However, the phenomenon of repeated bursts of fast radio bursts occurred last year is extremely rare, which has aroused extensive discussion. Although the interference from satellites and airplanes has been eliminated, people still can’t explain its existence. < / P > < p > for the exploration of outer space, all countries have a very urgent desire. In the future, with the continuous progress of science and technology, human beings will be involved in more fields of outer space, and this mysterious world is also waiting for human exploration. At present, voyager-1, which is developed by the United States, is the farthest space probe for human beings. It is said that it has reached the outer edge of the solar system, which is a great progress in human history. But for the whole universe, maybe this is only a small step. There are more new outer space things waiting for us to discover in the future. ASMC, a lithography maker, was one of TSMC’s 14 top suppliers last year