China’s smartphone market reshuffle, millet fifth, apple fourth, the first hard to shake

In recent two years, the domestic mobile phone market pattern is slowly changing, and the strength of huami ov’s four major manufacturers is no longer equal. With the help of glory, Huawei’s market share is gradually leaving the other three brands far behind. The sudden outbreak of the epidemic in the first half of this year accelerated the shuffling speed of China’s smartphone market.

according to counterpoint’s mobile phone market report in the second quarter, Xiaomi has fallen to the fifth position, 3% less than the same period last year. In fact, from the perspective of products, both word-of-mouth and influence of Xiaomi mobile phones have improved in the past year. However, the reason why Xiaomi’s market share will decline is mainly due to the small number of new phones, which makes it difficult to win the attention of consumers among the numerous new products.

Apple ranked fourth, accounting for 9%, and its sales volume increased by 32% compared with the same period last year. Apple’s success is both unexpected and reasonable. Many people didn’t expect that Apple’s mobile phone sales are so high, because the 5g era has come, and apple is selling 4G phones, which does not have a big selling point. It is reasonable for apple to achieve this result, because 5g has not yet been fully popularized, 4G is still the mainstream at present, and apple offers a discount that is hard to refuse.

oppo ranked third, accounting for 15%. In the past two years, oppo has been speeding up its transformation, and has finally transformed its product line. The disappearance of R series made oppo lose a lot of old fans. Reno series returned from the original high price to the high price low distribution line, which made new users feel disappointed. Although the new ace series has outstanding strength, it has not been angry in the market, so it is difficult to carry the banner. In my opinion, oppo needs to continue to change.

compared with big brother’s confusion, vivo’s goal is much clearer, which also enables vivo to obtain higher market share and take the second place. Through the implementation of the air sea tactics, vivo has blossomed online and offline, and vivo and iqoo have two or three new aircraft launched almost every month, which makes it maintain a high visibility in the market.

the first one was won by Huawei, accounting for 46% of the market share. Compared with other manufacturers, Huawei’s mobile phone is not only superior to its competitors in terms of technology application, but also equipped with unique hardware. The product design is also innovative.

in addition, the combination of Huawei’s P series, Nova series and glory digital series has also broken the defense lines of many manufacturers. In terms of product quantity, Huawei is no less than any other manufacturer.

Author: zmhuaxia