China’s superconducting quantum computing cloud platform will be used in four major fields, opening an important signal

Once upon a time, quantum technology could only be seen in science fiction movies. But with the development of human science and technology, people began to touch the quantum field, and even developed related technologies, such as quantum computing platform. This technology is regarded as the top black technology. Many science and technology powers have actively arranged in relevant fields. While the United States, Japan and other science and technology powers participate in the competition, China has not fallen behind in this competition. It is worth mentioning that the Chinese research team recently launched a self-developed superconducting quantum computing cloud platform. < / P > < p > this is a cloud platform based on 6-bit superconducting computer. Its fidelity, coherence time and other technical indicators have reached the international advanced level, which means that China has opened an important signal for the full application of quantum computing, because based on the basic experience of this cloud platform, the research team will also consider realizing 24 bit and 60 bit superconducting sub chips, In fact, research and development of 24 bits is in progress, while 60 bits is expected to make significant progress by the end of next year. This superconducting quantum computing cloud platform is mainly to provide quantum computing cloud services for users in various countries. Many people wonder, has China’s quantum technology really reached the international top level? Pan Jianwei, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, once said that China’s current optical quantum computing performance is 1 million times that of Google’s quantum computer, and China is ahead of other countries in terms of quantum communication security. < p > < p > we call modern society the information age. Once the general quantum computer is widely used, the society may enter the quantum age. But for ordinary people, quantum technology seems far beyond reach, but as long as it is popularized, you will find that quantum technology will appear in every corner of our life. It may be applied to the fields of artificial intelligence, search engine, logistics and transportation. A.I. intelligence is no stranger. Now many factories have begun to use semi intelligent or even fully intelligent equipment for production. In fact, artificial intelligence relies on computer technology, and quantum computers can naturally provide great help. In the same way, quantum computing can also play a great role in logistics, transportation and search engines related to big data processing, which can be more efficient and convenient. < p > < p > more importantly, quantum computers not only have ultra fast computing power. It also involves a broader field of science, in a sense. Computing is the foundation of all science. So quantum computer, which is proficient in calculation, is obviously the best auxiliary tool. It can carry out tens of thousands of simulation calculations in a very short time. It will greatly promote the technological development of the cutting-edge fields such as aerospace and military industry, and create a new era. Do you know about quantum technology? You may as well leave a message in the comments area. If you like the content of this issue, please pay attention to it, forward it, collect it and comment on it. Video Number assistant internal test online! Four functions let you send 1g video on the computer