China’s technology giant, which is comparable to Huawei, has surpassed HP and Dell to regain the first place in the world

Under the strong impact of the epidemic, the first quarter of this year, many laptop brand shipments, compared with the same period last year, showed a significant decline. However, in the second quarter, this situation has been significantly improved. With the increase of consumer demand for work, study and entertainment, the global notebook sales also increased, and the shipment increased by 27%. < p > < p > among them, Lenovo once again won the world’s notebook sales champion, with 25% market share and 13.6 million units of shipment, surpassing HP and Dell. As the world’s largest PC terminal manufacturer, Lenovo’s business has extended to more than 180 markets around the world, and it is a Chinese technology giant comparable to Huawei. Lenovo, founded in 1984, is an old PC giant in China. Starting with 11 researchers, Lenovo now has 63000 employees worldwide. It took only nine years for Lenovo to become the first PC sales champion in China, and then to the Asia Pacific first. Since then, Lenovo has become more and more outstanding in the global market, gradually replacing Dell, HP and other brands. In 2019, Lenovo’s annual sales of computers will reach 65 million units, with revenue of 353.1 billion yuan, which can not be ignored. < / P > < p > What’s more, Lenovo is not only engaged in computer business, but also has formed four business groups: intelligent equipment group, data center business group, Lenovo venture capital group and data intelligence business group, which have played an outstanding role in many fields. It is worth noting that Lenovo is more inclined to resource integration than innovation, and has invested in dozens of semiconductor and chip companies. < p > < p > for example, Lenovo has invested in the Cambrian known as “the first stock of AI”, and has invested in BYD semiconductor and Spreadtrum communications. Moreover, Lenovo also has investment and layout in the fields of autopilot chip and IOT chip. It is not difficult to see that the strong technological support behind Lenovo is also one of the reasons why Lenovo is welcomed by global consumers. < p > < p > in the future, Lenovo plans to move forward in the three directions of intelligent Internet of things, intelligent infrastructure and industry intelligence, and strive to be the leader. I believe that, according to Lenovo’s strong strength, the future performance will not be bad. However, Lenovo’s development today also has some problems worthy of attention. According to the world’s second quarter laptop shipment report, Lenovo’s shipment increased by only 17% compared with the same period last year. However, Dell and apple have increased by 21%, and HP has even reached 42%. As a result, the gap between HP and Lenovo has been further narrowed. The difference between the two in terms of notebook PC shipments is only 2 million units, and the gap in market share has narrowed to 0.2%. In terms of HP’s growth trend, it may surpass Lenovo to win the first place. I wonder if Lenovo can keep its first place in the third quarter. Continue ReadingASMC, a lithography maker, was one of TSMC’s 14 top suppliers last year