China’s top 10 consumer electronics companies announced by Hurun

On October 12, 2020, Hurun Baifu released a list of China’s top 10 domestic consumer electronics enterprises by ranking them according to their market value or valuation. Among them, Huawei has become the most valuable consumer electronics enterprise in China with a value of 1.1 trillion yuan; Xiaomi ranks the second with a value of 434 billion yuan, and is also the only listed company in the top five. Vivo surpassed oppo for the first time, ranking third with 175 billion yuan; oppo ranked fourth with 170 billion yuan; Lenovo ranked seventh with only 54 billion yuan. What’s more interesting in the list is that five of the top 10 are mobile phone makers, taking the top four and one sixth. It is reported that this is the first time that the Hurun Research Institute has released the list, which covers only 50% of the total private electronic technology companies in China. The market value of listed companies is calculated according to the closing price on September 30, 2020. The valuation of non listed companies refers to the latest round of financing valuation that has been published, or refers to the valuation of similar listed companies. < / P > < p > what needs to be popularized is that the so-called consumer electronics refer to the electronic products used by consumers in their daily life, mainly including smart phones and various wearable devices. However, traditional household appliances and enterprises such as sweeping robots are not included in this scope, so we do not see Gree, Midea and other enterprises. < p > < p > Huawei is expected to be the first, with a value of 1.1 trillion, which is unmatched in China for the time being. As the only listed company in the top five, Xiaomi also stands out among competitors. Currently, it is the fourth largest mobile phone brand in the world, and has also established the world’s largest consumer IOT Internet of things platform. At present, the product line has covered notebook, router, intelligent hardware, wearable device, household electricity, etc., and its business has entered more than 90 countries and markets around the world. With the steady growth in 2020, Xiaomi’s share price has soared this year. As of October 12, the market value of Xiaomi has reached HK $545.2 billion. < p > < p > in the field of consumer electronics, Xiaomi is one step ahead and has actually reached the next stage. In Lei Jun’s speech on the 10th anniversary, Xiaomi officially established that the core strategy in the next 10 years will be upgraded to “mobile phone × aiot”. Aiot business should become the catalyst and combustion promoter of mobile phone business, penetrate more scenes, win more users, obtain massive traffic and data, and become the moat of Xiaomi’s business model. Today, the value of millet has reached eight associations in just ten years. Driven by Huawei, Xiaomi and other companies, China’s leading consumer electronics brand has become the most recognized Chinese brand overseas. Continue ReadingYueshang group has become the third social e-commerce service platform listed in China after being gathered in pinduoduo