China’s top welding master refused a million year salary in Europe and sent 130 rockets into space in 35 years

There is an old Chinese saying that 360 lines make the best of all trades. Gao Fenglin is such a man who makes welding the best. In 35 years, he sent 130 rockets to launch successfully. The first “heart” of Chang San Jia series launch vehicles and Long March 5 launch vehicles were born in his hands. He is known as China’s “golden hand welding”. Gao Fenglin was born in 1962. After graduating from school, he entered the argon arc welding group of rocket engine welding workshop. He learned argon arc welding skills with his master. In order to practice the basic welding skills, he used chopsticks to compare welding and wire feeding when he ate, practiced stability with a water cup when drinking water, and practiced endurance with a piece of iron when resting. His kung fu was not wasted. Gao Fenglin’s welding ability continued to improve, ranging from aircraft rocket parts to the core part of aerospace engines. Gao Fenglin was able to complete orderly, not only that, but also overcome many welding difficulties The problem has solved numerous difficulties, large and small. Gao Fenglin has almost become an omnipotent welding master. In the 1990s, the development of a new type of high thrust oxyhydrogen engine designed by China’s main rocket Chang San Jia series launch vehicles met with difficulties. The extended section of the rocket’s large nozzle consists of 248 thin square tubes with a wall thickness of 0.33mm. All the welding seams are 900 meters long, and the pipe wall is thinner than a piece of paper. If the welding gun stays for 0.1 seconds, it is possible to burn through or leak the pipe Once there is burn through or welding leakage, the equipment scrapping will affect the rocket launch progress. Gao Fenglin constantly gropes, most of the time lying on the cold pipe, arms and legs are numb, back home to hot compress to be comfortable, so with superb technology and perseverance, Gao Fenglin and his colleagues overcome this difficulty. The famous Gao Fenglin not only helped the country overcome one difficult problem, but also came to him for help. Gao Fenglin with rich experience and top welding technology to convince everyone. Today, Gao Fenglin is the representative of the industry quality. In 2014, he led his team to win three gold awards at the International Invention Exhibition in Nuremberg, Germany. In 2018, the state awarded him the “craftsman of the year” award. One year later, he was awarded the personal title of “the most beautiful fighter”. His continuous success did not make him feel at ease, but he was more aware of the power of knowledge and technology. Innovation comes from knowledge. Gao Fenglin shuttles through the work site and classroom during the day, and studies until three or four o’clock with a thick book in his arms at night. His kung fu is worthy of his heart. Gao Fenglin not only achieved good results in the subsequent technical competitions, but also got the long-awaited diploma After that, he completed the undergraduate to graduate course by self-study. < p > < p > GAO Fenglin, who has made extraordinary achievements in his “ordinary” position, has become more and more famous. Later, he even received an offer from European private airlines with an annual salary of one million. His job content is to serve as the technical director of logistics maintenance and ground handling safety director for European private airlines. However, Gao Fenglin declined, saying that only in the motherland can he realize his own life value and significance. Counterpoint announced top 5 best selling models: domestic iPhone 11 tops the list